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Volkswagen ready for the festival of speed in the Rally

Volkswagen is ready to compete in the fastest special stage in the calendar of the World Rally Championship (WRC), where the average speed drops below 140 km / h. At this rate consists of not only the pure engine power, which is required on gravel, there needs to be a suitable dose of determination and skill on the side of the players. The Polish Rally will be attended by all the crew Volkswagen Motorsport, which Ogier / Igrassia, Mikkelsen / Floen and Latvala / Anttila. Each of them will have a Volkswagen Polo R WRC second generation.

19 special stages with a total 313,53km planned in the northern part Polish. Nearly 75% of them are never traversed the route modifications parts. In 2014, very fast OS Wieliczka with an average speed of 136.88 km / h was the fastest special stage in the history of 318 hp Polo Wolfsburg. In 2015, this segment has undergone modifications.

– Only those who really press against the leg to the floor will have a chance for success in the coming weeks – said Volkswagen Motorsport Director Jost Capito – Polish Rally and Rally Finland, it’s time for a weeks full speed in the WRC. We have good memories of this event, because we were not yet defeated in Poland and Finland. However, this season has so far shows that manufacturers are now far closer to each other and has a chance to be in front. We have to give everything again and not make any mistakes in order to be re victory in Poland. We rely on the three best crews in the world. Quick trails were always favorable for the drivers of our team. So it will certainly be an interesting confrontation during the rally Polish.

One-fourth of Polish Rally route is known coilover kits uk, three-quarters are new in the 2015 edition

With 313.53 kilometers of special stages in total unknown is 234.69 kilometers. After returning in 2014 to the Polish Rally WRC calendar for the first time since 2009, making it a relatively new and is another challenge this season. About three quarters of the tracks are completely new, and in addition you have to create new notes for nearly 88.31% of the total length of the event – a large part of routes, which we know from the previous year will now be routed in the opposite direction.

Another attraction partly known from last year is a stretch Goldap. The core of the special stage 6.67-km for the most spectacular jumps and tops, is as well as continually long turns. The route will run in the opposite direction. Well-known Thanksgiving Arena, which is Pass three times, and yet covers only 2.5 km, there were always a few dramas in the past, especially in 2009.

The first, third and fourth position overall in the appropriate setting for Volkswagen Motorsport

Volkswagen drivers are on good positions in the second half of the season WRC. Ogier / Ingrassia are already 66 points clear of second-placed Mads Ostbergiem with Jonas Andersson, and Mikkelsen together with Floen are only three points behind the Citroen duo of the general classification. Latvala of Anttila are in fourth place. Volkswagen is also building a comfortable lead in the manufacturers’ standings: the team Ogier / Latvala is 64 points ahead of Citroen.

S├ębastien Ogier: I love fast rides! Adrenaline is much higher, and it suits me very well. Although the Polish Rally has a different profile gravel stages are different from the previous ones. The routes are so narrow even as recently in Sardinia. In Poland, about three-fourths of the special stages are new compared with the previous year, and a large part of the well-known stages will Pass in the opposite direction. So there is a bit of news for all drivers and all of us are in the same position. Anyone can show what he can do. Rip between the driver and the remote control will play an important role, as in the Rally of Italy. There is no doubt that happiness is also an important factor Air Suspension in overcoming such a demanding rally if we’re going to get without incident. But we had a very good strategy in Italy and adjusted the speed for the conditions at the right time. As a result of this win and carry out in the world championship, I’m not going to make any big changes in my way of driving: I want to win in Poland. And to do this, you need to put the gas pedal very close to the floor.

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