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this person cheap fifa 18 coins is looking

this person is looking for you For a long Yang Yang. Yellow police quickly and Yang cheap fifa 18 coins training school teacher Yang Yang and others will be carried out, and call the 120 emergency call, Yang Yang was sent to cheap fifa 18 coins Hospital. Yang Yang was finally found! Huge claims recovery fee was sent to the hospital Yang Yang, fifa coins hospital diagnosed as grade three traumatic brain injury, cheap fifa 18 coins frontotemporal right occipital lobe and multiple cerebral contusion and hematoma formation, skull fractures, cervical spine fracture, left humerus supracondylar cheap fifa 18 coins fracture of medial malleolus, right, right of comminuted talar fractures, nba 2k18 mt the hospital rescue, finally picked up a life. After Yang Yang and after rehabilitation hospital cheap fifa 18 coins of neurosurgery operation times treatment and brain disease, basically stabilized. However, although there is no danger, Yang Yang was given a mental decline, cheap fifa 18 coins mania and other sequelae of traumatic brain injury in severe.


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