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The Midlands of Albion, 28th of September

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A community-led event this week saw players truly going back to their roots by returning to Tier 1 gear – the most basic set acquirable in Albion Online!


Weary from intense, strategic fighting and the pain of a hundred high-tier AoE spell animations burning into their corneas, Albion’s most respected vets threw aside their powerful armor and weapons – some of them days in the making – and stored them away in their now palatial player houses.


These battle-hardened warriors yearned for the simpler days of old. So long ago was it that these thin garbs were last worn, that one player had to call ahead to his parents’ house and get his dad to put his shirt through the wash because it was a bit musty and had weird stains on the underarms. But soon the uniforms of battle were prepared!


They came brandishing their primitive toy-like shields, guild emblems drawn clumsily on the wood, ostensibly by toddlers with marker pens. Their blunt swords that start to wobble a bit if you swing them around too much. Their outgrown leather armor with the aforementioned embarrassing stains.


Albion Online gold is very important for the players, a lot of people go to to buy Albion Online gold. Having grouped up, they headed out in a veritable tsunami of scantily-clad noobs – their destination: Dragonrock, the agreed site of the battle. With low-tier spells restricted to some heals and a burning DoT AoE, many in the group spent a large part of the journey on fire.



They tore through the center of Albion, zerging any poor player who happened to be wandering in their path. After a parade of what can only be described as public indecency, the company arrived at Dragonrock, the proposed site of their weird pointless battle.


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Reamun of Vendetta also streamed the action! Check it out here!

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