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The magician will accept the court summons and testify for the Green’s lawsuit

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According to the San Jose Mercury newspaper, according to legal instruments, the magician Johnson was summoned by the court, who will testify as a witness for the Drey-de-Green case in court.

Prior to this, former Michigan State University olive team player Jermaine Edmondson sued Green for an attack outside a Michigan restaurant.

Edmondson’s lawyer wished to know the magician had a Twitter after the 2016 event.

“The magician wrote and talked to my friend Greene, who was very sorry for the warriors, the fans and all those involved in the incident.

Summon the magician is Edmondson’s lawyer in the local time on September 7 made the request, they asked the magician on October 4 to testify.

A. Douglas Mastroianni lawyers asked the magician to provide any information about Edmondson and his girlfriend Bianca Williams’s literature or social media status.

“In this case, there are witnesses other than the parties involved, which means it is very important to know how Mr. Green is telling other people what happened,” the plaintiff said.

The court documents quoted the magician’s lawyer, saying he would follow the summons.(welcome to buy NBA 2K18 MT Coins, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

San Francisco 49 people outside the receiver Aaron Burbridge will be accepted on October 17 summoned. Court documents show that Burbridge needs to carry all relevant short messages and other communications between him and Green.

Edmondson and his girlfriend Bianca Williams accused Green of inflicting and assaulting them, causing mental harm. They accused Green in Edmondson and Green confrontation, Green Boxing hit Edmondson’s face, Green was subsequently arrested, but to avoid the prison, he and the court reached a plea agreement, paid a fine.

This civil action case will also be a rigorous test of Green’s character. Over the past few months, in order to persuade Judge California to be the right place to hear the incident, Edmondson’s lawyer used a number of articles on the behavior of the Greenfield – at a speed of 189 km / h on the Auckland motorway, On the “bird” – as evidence for the Church.

Green’s lawyer moved a motion to dismiss the suit because California did not accept the jurisdiction of the case because the so-called attack occurred in Michigan. Green’s lawyer did not comment on the matter, the warrior spokesman Raymond Ridder is the same attitude.
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