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The Influence of Fashion Blogs on Trends and Fashion

The Influence of Fashion Blogs on Trends and Fashion

Fashion blogging is rapidly increasing in popularity, with new fashion blogs springing up everywhere and the number of people turning to fashion blogs as a source of information or inspiration for style and trends growing. But how much influence does fashion blogging have on trends and fashions, and why is blogging becoming the latest media for fashion?

Fashion blogs are about fashion, clothing and accessories, and they also include runway trends, celebrity fashion and street style. as early as 2002, and have been increasing in numbers since. In 2003. The Wall Street Journal reported 40 bloggers being given invites to New York Fashion Week. Today, blogging has become a very significant media for the fashion press, with independent fashion bloggers and funded fashion blog networks competing for dominance in the blogosphere.

The significance of fashion blogging in influencing trends and fashions is evident in the increasing number of companies looking to promote their clothing through fashion blogs and fashion blogging and the money associated with fashion blogs. Fashion bloggers report increasing profits with Manolo’s shoe blog reportedly making a six figure sum and the bag snob generating a five figure sum. The emergence of fashion blog networks such as Coutorture Media and Sugar Publishing, Inc., have attracted large amounts of investment into the fashion blogosphere. The significance of fashion blogs is also evident in the number of commercial organizations choosing to set up their own fashion blogs, such as the Telegraph. In December 2006 , fashion blogs were recognized by Vogue in an article about their significance. In January 2007, the Daily Mail published an article on the fashion blog stars, advising readers to “Forget waiting for the monthly glossies, the sharpest fashion advice is now online”.

Perhaps the popularity of fashion blogs is because they are written or perceived to be written by a real person and not a marketing professional. They give individuals honest opinions of trends and fashions, and in most cases are not influenced or paid directly for endorsing products, although most generate revenue from advertising. This gives fashion blogs a very realistic approach to fashion, more so than many of those working in fashion and fashion marketing. Fashion blogs are often scathing about a new designer’s collection and so can diffuse much of the hype created around fashions and trends by marketing professionals. They can also popularize and create crazes for products, with little or no marketing budgets. Probably the most important factor in attracting so many readers to fashion blogs is the enthusiasm and love of the bloggers for the subject on which they are blogging. Most fashion blogs are started as a hobby and an outlet for individuals with a love of fashion and clothes. The individual styles of writing often make the blogs an interesting and sometimes very funny read. Blogs do not have to conform to a particular style of writing and so are usually much more informal in tone, making it easier for the reader to relate to them.

The nature of blogging means that they are a quicker and more interactive form of communication than traditional glossy magazines, reviews of collections and runway shows can be instantly posted giving readers instant previews for the next seasons trends.

So what about the future of blogging? As Designerhighstreet prepares to launch its very own blog, fashion blogs are fast becoming the preferred source of information and inspiration for fashion consumers in the know.


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