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the fundamental guiding ideology of our party

Summer is a good time to focus and improve our environment in schools,albion online silver the Central Party School is no exception. This year this summer, especially in the Central Party organs Service busy. They are appointed in accordance with the requirements of the school, seize the time to optimize the layout of the campus environment, especially re-axis. Listening to the square of stone quarry Tinker bang bang sound,rs Gold watching the central axis of the statue of the great man stands up, you can imagine the fall semester faculty and staff on campus to see a new style of surprises.

Now developed means of information dissemination, has made these statues message widely disseminated. Many people can not wait for all of the unveiling of the statue, can not wait to want to know about the situation.GW2 Gold Why should we set great statue? What are these statues mean? With such questions, we visited the Central Party organs service bureau.
Q: A few days ago, the Internet came to the Central Party School campus statue standing a few, whether in the community or staff, all want to know for what schools consider setting these statues.Tibia Gold Please briefly describe.
A: Set red sculpture, it has been a voice of the Central Party School, the majority of students, but also the desire of all the staff. As we all know, the Central Party School in the Haidian District campus “Three Hills and Five Gardens” area, after nearly 60 years of green building, plus a pool of clear water, the garden is very good foundation. But, after all,Tera Gold is one of the Central Party School, the training of our rotation and high-ranking party cadres and the Marxist theory of the highest institution of the backbone, campus green everywhere, remained fly in the ointment is the lack of cultural connotations. Many students reflect that the Party School, the Central Party School campus “no red and green”, the lack of qualities embodied SCHOOL things. The addition of the sculpture is to increase the red solid element for the campus, make the campus “has green and red,” “green in the red,” showcase “Party School” of the content. Since the 1990s, the Central Party School Board had set up in the campus envisaged red sculpture, now establish these statues can be said to be “long-cherished wish come true.” Follow the community on the campus of the Central Party School, we feel this is a spur. Service Bureau many comrades no summer vacation, riveting enough effort should do a good job, a school campus give you a new look.
Q: We saw the statue of the set, a statue of the main building on the north side of Marx and Engels, a statue of Mao Zedong in front hall square, a statue of Deng Xiaoping Building on the square, there is the east side of the students between buildings Jiao. OK to set these statues, mainly for what kind of consideration?
A: What are the statue placed in the Central Party School, the School Board is the result of careful consideration. I learned that there is need to consider factors that many, especially the status of both the Central Party School of the party’s highest institution as consistent, but also reflect the Central Party School, “three positions, a melting pot” of the functions of positioning, but also to warp maintained the practice and history.
Our party is a Marxist party, Marxism is the fundamental guiding ideology of our party. Leading cadres to the Party School, the first one is the study of Marxist theory, grasp the scientific world outlook and methodology. Setting the statue of Marx and Engels, it is based on such considerations.
Mao Zedong was the pioneer of Marxism in China, he is leading the Chinese people to completely change the face of their own destiny and the country a great man. Especially from March 1943 to March 1947, the CPC Central Committee Party School Mao served for four years, is particularly worth SCHOOL commemorate. We erected a statue of Mao Zedong, the selected image is the Yan’an period he served as president of the Central Party School period.
Deng Xiaoping was the chief architect of China’s reform and opening up and modernization drive, is the pioneer of the socialist road with Chinese characteristics. To achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation on the path of socialism with Chinese characteristics is the sacred mission of contemporary Chinese Communists. Establish a statue of Deng Xiaoping, it is to be the Central Party School, bearing in mind the historical mission of leading cadres.
In our party’s struggle, he produced a great many leading cadres Jiao and Gu Wenchang is an outstanding representative. Xi Jinping, secretary repeatedly point Like them, called on the majority of party members and cadres to learn from them. The statue and 谷文昌 Jiao statue placed between student buildings, students can pay their last respects and out advanced models look, for everyone to emulate is undoubtedly very useful. Now place the statue Jiao, Gu Wenchang statue still in production.
Q: Can you give us details about the basic situation of each statue?
A: Now these statues are from today’s top domestic sculptor’s hands.

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