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the city fell 0.1% in rural madden mut coins

among them, the city fell 0.1% in rural areas decreased by 0.2%; food madden mut coins fell 1%, non food prices rose 0.1%; consumer prices fall 0.4%, service prices rose 0.3%. consumer madden mut coins decreased slightly, rose last month to flat from the chain, 6 July CPI fell 0.2%, a decline of 0.1 percentage points last month to expand. Food prices fell by 1%, CPI decreased madden mut coins 0.20 percentage points, mainly due to some fresh food prices affect the.6 month, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and pork supply, prices fell 4.2%, 3.4% and 1.1%, the madden mut coins impact of CPI fell 0.19 percentage points; egg the price is relatively low, in June by the hens herds and reduce the influence of temperature madden mobile 18 coins decreased high egg madden mut coins, the price to rise by the fall, rose 6.2%. non food prices rose 0.1%, CPI rose 0.05 percentage points. The summer holiday approaching, airline tickets and travel prices madden mut coins5.2% and 1.7%; housing rental prices rose into cheap madden mobile coins season, the rent 0.3%; by the rising prices of raw materials, Chinese traditional medicine and Western medicine madden mut coins continue to rise, up 0.4% and 0.6% respectively;


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