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the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department

In the “petitioners’ village” wandering for six months, Chen Shochiku completely discouraged.

“My mother continues to give me a call and asked if I petition had no results. I used to see here that the petition is not anti-labor camp friend, if I was a labor camp because of appealing basically my family would be finished. I was into the night as late as insomnia because too much pressure. “One day winter evening, Chen Shochiku high fever, lying inside the unheated rental, wrapped up in blankets still shivering,” I thought, if I die here, and no one will know. ”

The spring of 2005, Chen Shochiku found a wallet. He later followed the trail purse, wallet and gave the hostess. The purse mistress, and later became the wife of Chen Shochiku.

“My wife told me that when she first met me,GW2 Gold not like me, but distressed she was thinking: ‘This is how children so poor ah'” Chen Shochiku’s wife was a Beijing girl, the big four. Shochiku Chen said his wife is his first time to endure suffering wipe dawn.

After two years, Chen Shochiku has been sold to produce their own documentaries and news agencies for a living. But also because of his work, he received a well-known news organizations invite entry in 2007, obtain life first regular job. In the latter days, although he too slowly on a stable life, but leaving the poor petitioners blot still can not erase from him.

“I remember holding a cardboard box, wearing short sleeves, shorts,theelderscrollsonline.html slippers, report to the unit that sit downstairs security stopping I said: ‘express delivery, freight elevators sit behind ……’ ‘Chen Shochiku said with a smile.

Chen Shochiku living in Beijing stabilized. He was removed by the relationship, around the house in the old house sold, bought in Beijing’s Tongzhou District, a house, the parents took over. He and his wife and parents near the residence purchase of real estate. His 5-year-old son is going on a preschool.

September 2013, the CPC Central Committee General Secretary Xi Jinping personally participate and guide the Hebei Provincial leadership feature of democratic life. In the CCTV “Focus” program, the Zhou Benshun done three self-examination, many of whom “everything from the interests of the people was not strong performance concept tree” such statements.

Since then, Chen Shochiku closely Zhou Benshun 2007 Gold cheap buy Until July 24 this year, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department announced this week along suspected of serious violation of law,swtor.html recipient organization survey.

He decided to return to Dengzhou,fifacoinskaufen.html for their families to have a say.

Rest of his life after the power gap

Chen Shochiku first find the current spring pavilion four team. The head of the face of the surprise visit of neighbors is slightly flustered, opening the first sentence is: “? When do you go”

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