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Teen Fashion how to get Rachel Bilsons Style for less

Teen Fashion how to get Rachel Bilsons Style for less

Who wouldn’t want to look like Rachel Bilson. She’s a beautiful girl, although any young girl can emulate the look on a budget, because one of the trademarks of Rachel Bilson is her simplicity of style. Her eye make up is in natural tones that even parents would approve of, though eyebrows do need shaping and a little added color to gain that tailored look of Rachel’s own eyebrows. Foundation is lightly applied highlighting her natural look, rather than hiding behind a mask, and even the beauty spot on her cheek can be copied with a slight dab of an eye pencil.

For those whose lips are not as plump as Rachel’s, try outlining the lips to make them appear larger, and then fill in with lipstick. Nails should be polished in a neutral color. The plunging necklines remain respectable and the simplicity of cut can easily be achieved in materials that cling by even those with limited sewing skills. Taking a look at the favorite photographs that appear on many websites, what Rachel is doing is cashing in on strong points by drawing attention discreetly to them. There is no glitz or overdoing of jewelry.

Not everyone can afford designer clothing though this little lady has produced a line of clothing that gives hope to teens all over the world. Her look is like the girl next door, though cleverly put together to create a very stylish finish. You really do not have to be able to afford an astounding 60 dollars for a white T shirt, and a very similar look can be obtained by being wise and shopping around. Similarly the high rise straight leg jeans can be bought in retail stores at affordable prices, and finished with those heels that really do give the cool look.

What’s clever about the range of clothing that Rachel promotes is that even those of limited budget can look the part easily, while offering Label prices to those with more money. You may not be able to afford the Cami bag or the designer sunglasses, though their look is easy to replace with lookalikes which give the same effect, the handle of the bag being constructed in a kind of macrame, which can be made at home and attached to a similar though cheaper shoulder bag.

Similarly the leather belt hipster look is easily afforded at high street prices, and many of the clothing items that she wears have been taken from the catwalk to production, appearing in regular stores at regular prices.

The example that Miss Bilson gives the youth of today in the manner of simplicity with which she dresses spells hope. She has a great shape without having to resort to the size zero phenomenon, and gets those girls pressured by wanting to be smaller into a new understanding that the average girl is good enough to shine, if the choice of clothing is simple enough to enhance, and young enough to be trendy and acceptable, and accessible to even those with limited finance. Even mom would approve.

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