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Country for fifa coins discount code delay

Country for Xbox One temporary delay, so many think that one or two days will be able to experience the game player greatly disappoint one’s hopes,fifa coins discount code but there are still some people through the so-called “special channel” to get a new host Microsoft, and share screenshots for everyone desires. In the country […]

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FIFA15 drastically improved goalie system

FIFA necessary later in the year, when and players meet, we also witnessed the EA importance of the brand fifa coins. FIFA series in the history of the game of football can not be ignored, it is not just one for each new game, too, is the transfer of some of fifa 14 coins the […]

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‘FIFA 14’ picking up slack for next

‘FIFA 14’ picking up slack for next Electronic Arts will release the official 2014 FIFA World Cup video game on April 15, but the next gen consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4, along with PC, won’t see the game, according to a report today from GameSpot. However, EA Sports took to Twitter to clarify that […]

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