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FIFA 16 will bring back coins and points

FIFA 16 will bring some fun innovations. Some of the new features you get now presented within a new trailer. The latest FIFA part FIFA 16 will bring back fifa 16 coins one way or another playful innovation with itself. Professionals who want to prepare now optimally get now a new trailer to the hand […]

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FIFA16 wonderful dribbling

EA Sports declared that FIFA 16 will be promoted in all aspects, especially in the new so-called No Touch Dribbling (do not touch the ball dribbling) system is very interesting. The new system in the end what does that mean? A wonderful video to answer you! EA Sports has released a new video, introduces the […]


FUT 15 Serie A Squad

This year Fut 15 Coins, as we all known, FIFA 15 had included the Serie A into FIFA 15 Ultimate Team. As the highest level of professional soccer league in the world, Serie A has strength teams. In FUT 15, we can build a squad with players from different league. But how to build a […]

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