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Fashion Tips

Fashion Tips Small bust, slim waist, big calves11/8/2012Aliti Fashions Q: I have struggled for some time to find the perfect casual and business clothes combination. I have .A: Contrary to what you may believe, a lot of woman would love to have your body shape.Mens skirts11/1/2012Aliti Fashions Q: I am a single shy male of […]

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Fashion Tips for Teenage Boys

Fashion Tips for Teenage Boys Teenage boys can benefit greatly by adopting fashion tips. While some boys have natural flair and style, others are left floundering when it comes to what to wear to look stylish, and it takes encouragement and advice to draw out their creative side. Teen guys can dress fashionably by learning […]


Fashion Tips for plus Size Teens

Fashion Tips for plus Size Teens Plus size teens have all the problems of non plus size teens, but they have one more. They may be content with their size, but they can’t find clothing that fits and flatters. They wind up trying to wear whatever’s in’ and showcasing their size rather than making it […]

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