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Secretariat of the mut coins domestic wool

the sunshine Group standardization work is also mut coins improved, and assume the International Standardization of Textiles Secretariat and the Secretariat of the domestic wool mut coins Branch work. Since Sunshine undertook the TC38 secretariat, China has led 18 standards for revision and revision, of which 16 have been formally mut 18 coins and 6 have been mut coins by Sunshine commitment system. At present, Jiangsu Sunshine undertakes scientific research of 39 national scientific research projects, has completed 26 national key new product mut coins, 17 national torch projects, 7 national key technological innovation projects, 4 national 863 projects, and 1 national science and technology support project project 1 By the mut coins of independent core technologies, as of the end of 2015, it has applied for a total of 1,462 hut coins of various kinds and obtained 875 patents.

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