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Secret Fashion Show Costume

Secret Fashion Show Costume

Women with long hair can skip the wig and curl the hair with curling irons that have a two inch barrel or larger, unless a is preferred to obtain a different hair color temporarily.

Angel wings and Fairy wings can be found at discount stores and party supply stores.

Becoming a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show model is fairly simple for the average woman to do on a temporary basis. It only requires a search through the underwear drawer, jewelry chest and makeup bag. Women who do not own some of the materials can easily borrow items, as jewelry is frequently lent for work and special occasions. Taking on this glamorous modeling role can be very fun and cost less than purchasing costumes that may likely be worn only once. One hour is the minimum amount of time it takes to learn how to make a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show costume.

Put the body lotion on your legs and arms thoroughly for complete coverage. You should begin to see a golden shimmer that is noticeable when your body is in motion.

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