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Secondary Talent Cannot be ignored in WOW 6.0 Warlords of Draenor

In the new DLC of World of Warcraft, blizzard has added a new mechanism: secondary talent. This is a way compensation scheme of the system to add point’s type of talent. According to blizzard’s statement, it is to bring pleasure to upgrade in addition to farm wow gold, for players to every level can feel you becoming stronger. Role in upgrading, each specialization are random access to a secondary talent, and three specialization for secondary talent may be completely different.

In the process of upgrading to level 100, players can obtain the total 9 secondary talent, and each secondary talent is only 9 specialization, that is to say when you arrive at level 99, you can get all the secondary talent. While these secondary talents is to strengthen a certain skill or passive, and the strengthening effect is very much, increasing damage, reduce CD, scope, provide special effects. Many subprime talents will also affect the specialization of the output loop and PVP; here will be the professional need to be aware of important secondary talents listed:

The death knight: (blood) improved die winding: your fall around can make you get the shadow of death. The shadow of death increases maximum life value by 5% and lasts 30 SEC. When the effect to refresh, also did not use the rest will be added to the new effect. (Frost) improved frost: frost can make impact on around and icy touch damage by 20%. (Evil) Mutation darkness improved mutation no longer consumes runic power.

Druid: (balance) strengthening hurricane: moon fire, sunburst and falling stars will influence on hurricane target an additional 10% damage. (Feral) improved prowl: remove stealth slowing effect. (guard) strengthen tooth and claw: tooth and claw now make badly beaten, free of charge and can be an additional 1 layer overlay.(recovery) improved life bloom: touch of treatment with the goal of life bloom critical strike chance by 20%.

Hunter: (bm) to strengthen the base attack: pet attack has a 20% chance to reset the basis of basic attack cool down, and make a basic attack without any cost of World of Warcraft gold.(shooting) improved shooting: make all attacks on the range of 40 yards extra 5 yards.(survival) improved camouflage: won’t interrupt the camouflage effect after caused or hurt.

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