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Return Ezu ground running, unwarranted criticism discredited

Ozil return from injury after running quite active in the field, has been criticized in the German midfield sit tight top spot in terms of running away from the team


Ezu too “sound” style for some fans and industry insiders somewhat dissatisfied, the German people a feeling lazy procrastination always gives the court. However 厄祖 injury after running away from the field, but beyond all his teammates, as the club’s most run player.

Since February 1 gunmen swept at home to Aston Villa 5-0 start, Ozil has been maintained within the team running the longest distance record.

Even if the home team 1-3 Hanfu Monaco, industrious German still running distance of 11.38 kilometers ahead of teammates.

Battle toffee Sunday’s game, still Ozil, still running the longest distance. German’s running range show their hard work in the field, in the whole game Ezu Road shoulder the responsibility of the offensive and defensive sides also did not forget to pull the roundabout coordinate.

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