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Real Madrid lost a good draw against Juventus into the final

Champions League semi-final second leg on the 13th end, defending champion Real Madrid at the Bernabeu stadium by Italian team Juventus 1: 1 draw, with two Round 2: total score of 3 is the latter eliminated, missed the final.fifa coins

First leg away 1:2 defeat of Real Madrid needed a win in order to qualify. G Ronaldo’s penalty in the first half to help Real Madrid the upper hand. But then good situation at hand, “White Army” is often a waste of opportunity to expand the score, and in the second half was much of the offensive to seize the chance to tie Juventus. Two goals Jiujiang Morata two rounds of the Champions League to Real Madrid following the 2003-2004 season was Morientes effectiveness Monaco after the phase-out, abandoned again tasted the taste of their own players to hit back. Juventus return to the Champions League final for the first time since the 2002-2003 season.

Real Madrid after opening positively offensive, Bell, Benzema and Ronaldo turns gram test Buffon guarded the door. The first 23 minutes, Rodriguez drove into the restricted area Chiellini knocked down, the referee ordered a penalty kick, in the league last weekend, had a critical moment for hegemony penalty throw penalty g Ronaldo surgeon again, playing the middle easily hit, this is his last season in the Champions League’s first 10 goals.

The first half firmly in control of the situation and leading the score, Real Madrid gradually relaxed preparedness in the second half after the start, but the first 57 minutes, they finally because many wasted opportunities and punished. Juventus kick, Casillas hit the ball to the periphery, Evra back into the box, Bo Geba Road header ferry, from the Real Madrid youth academy Castilla in the Spanish striker Morata penalty area and chest after stopping kicker Dianshe network, pull the score to 1: 1.

Real Madrid again in crisis trying to organize counterattack, but under pressure and opponents eager to score tough defense, but the delay is difficult to campaign into a winning situation. Juventus will draw held until the whistle, and successfully got a playoff spot, which is the “Bianconeri” history eighth Champions League final.

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