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Point of view collision and rumors end

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  In the recent discussion, we have seen a number of different points of view, some of which are more rational and objective, reflecting the views of some of the players on the issue, while others seem the same, but more tempting, and therefore spread Very wide I would like to take this opportunity to refute some of these views.
  Survivor effect expands the actual impact of Titan’s creation.
  The minimum application to install the high-end players have been unrealistic feedback.
  If the random take 100 9H players and 100 9M players as a sample, the latter of the average equipment is much higher than the former.
  ”Europe Wong” players in the average player in the proportion of very low, so the players say some of the words actually exaggerated.
  Admittedly, from the average installed point of view, in the group to get more progress of the player’s equipment, etc., must be more than did not get so much progress in the players higher. In other words, in the group to get the equipment model still exists a certain role, although the efficiency is not necessarily the previous piece of information so high. However, this looks very reasonable point of view and its conclusions, but ignored some of the actual situation in the game.
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  First of all, the reason why the team can be the minimum installed and other restrictions set to 930,935, or even 940, because there are enough players to reach the equipment and so on . I do not have a specific number, but I think this part of the number of players should be far more than the corresponding level of the number of players. It is because even if the installation of a higher limit, but also in the easy group to the players at the same time, there is room for equipment, configuration, proficiency and other aspects of screening, so be able to do so. Assuming a 9M team of average installed (real) is 940, virtual in 947 or so, from the probability of speaking, the minimum equipment installed in the 945 is almost impossible to group (especially the Union) – but The fact is that we can not only see such a team in the collection of stone, but also not very rare.
  Second, this argument only saw the “European imperial players” in all the players in the proportion, but ignored the “European imperial players” in the high installed players in the proportion. In the actual game, players are often more inclined to use equipment such as screening rather than achievements, past Raid experience. Therefore, when the players team to play the game, are generally selected and installed with similar players together. In this way, high-end players to the teammates, is unlikely to be able to reflect the level of the general players equipment, the most common players. So that they are easy to find, the more extreme “European imperial players” in their own equipment and other levels of the proportion is not small. Although it can be recognized that “the emperor” is only a very small part of the player group, but its enthusiasm for high-end players can be described as deep, so that they had to start to doubt their own pay to bring much return, reflect their own What does it mean?(welcome to to buy best?wow gold?site, all the product will delivery in 5- 30 mins)


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