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Plus Size Women Fashion Tips Choosing a Flattering Clubbing Outfit

Plus Size Women Fashion Tips Choosing a Flattering Clubbing Outfit

Many plus size women women fall into the trap of trying to hide under clothes that resemble tents, thinking it will hide their flaws. They cannot be more wrong, hiding under oversized, unflattering clothes will only eat away one’s confidence when they look at themselves in the mirror and start to run themselves down in their heads. It’s a vicious cycle. Once the confidence starts eroding, plus size women hide further in their baggy clothes, thinking that looking good is a lost cause.

I believe in the age old adage that there are no ugly women, only lazy women. Any woman can shine and look her best if she puts time and effort in it. In this case, time is needed to sharpen instincts on what will and will not work for the body shape and picking out the right clothes.

When women dress to go to clubs, they tend to be more adventurous with their dressing and more often than not, reveal a little more than they need to. This often causes unnecessary pressure on the the plus size women as their choices are often more limited. However, it is very important not to cave in to this peer pressure, as there are certain clothes that can only work on petite women and the plus size women should steer clear of. Halters, tube tops, tiny spaghetti strap tops are some of the tops that the plus size women should give a wide berth. Failure to do so will only result in the muffin top look and THAT is hardly the most flattering look on universe.

Another very important point to commit to memory is to choose to which part you choose to reveal. Reveal the top, cover the bottom or cover the top, reveal the bottom. This rule applies to all women who have no wish to come across as trailer skanks. In the case of the plus size women, I will recommend to reveal the top and cover the bottom as plus sized women often have one thing that their petite size sisters do not have, an ample cleavage. Use this to your advantage, wear a lower cut or V neck top that will reveal your cleavage. Not too much though, it is is always best to leave certain things to imagination.

When choosing clothes, it is general knowledge that plus sized women should opt for darker color clothes as it slims the silhouette. Stay away from light colours and horizontal stripes as it widens one’s body visually. It is also important to choose clothes that fit well. Clothes that are too tight creates unflattering bulges and clothes that are too big will once again make one resemble a tent. Choose tops that comes with a cap sleeve if one is bothered by thick arms. The sleeve will cover the problem area, but yet allow you to reveal some skin. If one is confident, one can also opt for sleeveless tops, a deep V neck or cowl neck top should do the trick nicely. If one prefers more coverage altogether, I have once seen a plus sized women wore a kimono top to stunning effect.

The kimono top has a V neck line to show a hint of cleavage, a sash around the waist for the fitted look and has sleeves that comes down to the elbow for coverage. It is in my opinion, a perfect choice of a top for the plus size women, as it fits the bill of being a fun top, yet it highlights the good and covers the bad.

Personally, my preferred choice of bottom for clubbing wear is a pair of jeans. It goes with everything and anything, allows you preserve your modesty if you get as drunk as a fish and it is one of the most basic and stylish items that withstand the test of time and fashion trends. The plus sized women should own a great pair of boot cut jeans, in plain dark denim for her casual and clubbing wear purpose. Boot cut jeans serve the plus size women best as it gives the plus size women a proportionate look.

Admittedly, the clothing choices are limited when it comes to dressing up for the plus sized women. Still it doesn’t mean that they cannot have fun. There are two items that could make or break the outfit. A great pair of stilettos and a great bag. A plus size women may lament the limitation of what they can wear but a carefully picked pair of shoes or bag can transform the look from blah to fab immediately. Visualize in your head, a black kimono top, a pair of jeans and black heel. That’s classic but blah. Now visualize the same kimono top, the same pair of jeans but pair it with a pair of red stilettos, the look has been transformed immediately. That girl in red stilettos is all ready to paint the town red.

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