Osman wishes Slovenia to win: hope Dong Qi Qi quickly recovered

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Today, Knight player Cedi Osman (Cedi Osman) issued a message on Twitter to win the Slovenian team won the European championship, and the Slovenian player Luka – East Cech sent blessing.

“Very exciting game, congratulated Slovenia on the European Championship won the historic gold medal, but also hope Luka – East Cheap nfl 18 coins Qi Qi can be a reasonable recovery,” Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Osman wrote.

Ottoman is a Turkish, a small forward, 2 meters tall and weighs 98 kilograms, (Click gameusd.com to buy madden nfl 18 coins,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
before the play in the Turkish league Anadolu Efes Istanbul. 2016-17 season averaged 22.1 minutes played, you can contribute 10.2 points 3.4 rebounds.

This summer, Osman has signed a three-year, $ 8.5 million contract with the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers.
Today is the former NBA player Rashid – Wallace’s 43rd birthday, his teammate in the piston when Richard – Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Hamilton in Instagram published a photo for him to send him Birthday blessing (see news map).

“Everyone to wish my brother Rashid – Wallace, nickname ‘basketball will not lie’, ‘do not kick me’, ‘both teams are very hard’, ‘technical fouls’, ‘the son of Philadelphia’ GuaranSheed ‘,’ Rasheeeeeeeed ‘,’ the biggest bastard Cheap NBA 2K18 MT ‘,’ my best teammate ‘happy birthday! I like this picture because this picture is very clear that he saw my Instagram update after the reaction, Hugh. Happy birthday, champion. # Holdat # Best5Alive # Detroit Basketball “Hamilton wrote in Instagram.

Hamilton and Wallace together in the Pistons played five and a half seasons, and in 2004 won the championship.

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Because of the long fifa 18 ultimate team coins letter

Because of the long letter palace named Dou. “This cultural relic has been a long time not out of fifa 18 ultimate team coins, it is the Hebei province museum.” many cultural relics clarify the history of “Misreading” exhibition, a number of fifa 18 ultimate team coins trivial artifacts are large they have backing, clarified some misunderstanding of the people. For example, a smaller than the adult palm paper map, fifa 18 ultimate team coins to put the horse at the Gansu beach Tianshui tomb unearthed 5. Although it has cheap fifa coins damaged, but the audience can still clearly see the ink line sketch of fifa 18 ultimate team coins, rivers and paper, Cliff Road “this. That at the same time, Chinese has already begun and papermaking, technology is also good. “The curator Dan Yueying said,” fifa 18 ultimate team coins selection of the relics, but also let them know more about the history of the Western Han Dynasty, there have been mature technology of paper, the fifa 18 ultimate team coins Han Dynasty Cai Lun invented papermaking is not, but to nhl coins and improve the papermaking technology.

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Batuo Meiyu: had too much confidence in Nemal and his son, still do not know why he left

(Click cheapest fifa 18 coinsto buy fifa 18 coins ,all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins) At the morning of the morning, Barcelona President Barto Meyer accepted an exclusive interview with eight of the Fora de Joc programs in the morning, although the voice of the sidelines allowed him to step down, but Bartomev said that ” Want to make better results than their predecessors,

– Iniesta’s renewal issue :

Our renewal agreement with Iniesta will be very special, it is different because it is Iniesta, where I will not say too much, because it is also a matter of negotiation, but we and Inier Star’s agent has talked a lot, and there is no doubt that we will reach an agreement, because both sides are thinking to stay in Barcelona.

Iniesta is not only an example of Barcelona, (Click gameusd.com to buy fifa 18 coins ps4, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)
​​it is all the example of young people, he knows how long we want him to stay long, because he has won this right, our members are very calm, Day also must have seen, he is our cornerstone, Mr. Balveld also need him. We all know also talk about his contract, he would like to stay here for as long row .

– the construction of the club:

We will be based on the news of Pepper – Segura to determine the next steps, we will see what happened in the summer, I am still satisfied with the club’s signings, but still need to analyze the entire club.

– Off-court impeachment signature:

I have great respect for the friends who protest, and this will make you make some self-criticism, and our members have the right to do what they think is right. But we are now starting a new season, have a new coach, and everything is very smooth, I believe that members do not want to see the division of the team.

– consider resigning?

Fans have the right to express their ideas, work in Barcelona is always a very good thing, and when you have the ability and power to pull the tower, Russell such a predecessor to do things more step forward, you are Full of power
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