Italian jewelry family BVLGARI held in Beijing SKP shopping malls exhibition, offer a jewelry feast of the ultimate feast

Bulgari Greater China and Australia Managing Director Mr. Ping Xingtao unveiled the exhibition. More than 110 pieces of rare jewelry across the century from the bright, beautiful and beautiful, lush bright, full of Bulgari jewelry antique collection series and the new “Cartier love bracelet replica source” advanced jewelry series of the ultimate charm, attracting many media and jewelry lovers The eyes.

1920-1930 works still with the French Academy of Fine Arts, a large number of platinum and diamonds, geometric graphics to show the typical French art of decoration. However, the large round diamonds inlaid has been beginning with Bulgari in the decades after the unique style of the world swept the world. Italian legendary actress Gina Lollobrigida is a fan of Bvlgari, who had a very similar necklace in 1964 when she shot the film “Woman of Straw”. In her view, “Bulgari is a gem sculptor, always make gem glow with a unique and shining light.”

The jewels show the 1960s fashion style, influenced by India, and was worn by actress Keira Knightley on the 2006 Oscar red carpet. Whether it is egg cutting, or sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald three-color gem combination, are the most representative of Bulgari logo.

In the 1960s, Bulgari began to set the ancient Roman coins in jewelry, this design has become the most representative of the Bulgari logo for. Many celebrities wear Monete series of jewelry, including Elizabeth Taylor, Andy Warhol (Andy Warhol), Grace Kelly (Grace Kelly) and so on. (Left jewelry about creation in 1978).

In the seventies and eighties of the 20th century, jewelry creation presents a typical element of Bulgari: compact profile and large volume round gem. Purple, purple and green bold color, cut by the long stick type diamond and strengthen. Curved Egg Face Cut Columbia Emerald weighs 41.14 karats. And a mosaic of more than 300 karats of emerald, ruby ​​and diamonds gold long necklace is to show the Bulgari never forget the unique color aesthetics.

Bulgari attention to historical heritage, and “Cartier love ring replica source” advanced jewelry series is the classic and modern innovation collision perfect sparks. The display of 70 pieces of Bulgari high-level jewelry, including a number of new debut, all shining treasure Gregory jewelry breathtaking handed down the beauty of the world. A high-level jeweled platinum crowned with 30 pear-shaped diamonds (4.88 kt), 9 round brilliant diamonds and diamonds (6.03 karats). Bright jewels and noble temperament complement each other, filled with Italian romance and love joy, crowned for the goddess, increasingly dazzling. (Picture for the Bulgari high-level jewelry series platinum crown)

Divas’ Dream series of new products to join the turquoise design, elegant chic. Turquoise combines green light with blue and bright, unique fan-shaped design as the opening of the peacock tail, shining like a clear sky color is reminiscent of the vast vast space. Necklaces can be dismounted as bracelets, inlaid turquoise, cut diamonds and diamonds.

A rose gold necklace made of garnet, manganite, soft jade beads and diamonds, adds a whole new color to the Italian garden jewelery series. Convex egg-shaped cut garnet, color, such as the Roman sunset as rich, showing bold and dazzling color match.

Made by the emerald and diamonds inlaid platinum jewelry, then showing a bright color experience, the perfect craft ingenuity, rich emerald is intoxicated, highlight the contemporary goddess Zoran grace and full of charm.

The exhibition site also shows the unique design work of Bulgari – Gem Table “inspired the table.” This magical table placed a variety of rare stones, guests can experience the birth of the inspiration of jewelry creation process. “I believe the energy of the gemstones, the original creative inspiration comes from the gem.Through the Gem Table, you can observe the rich color of the gem, and now we are in front of this,” said Ms. Bobbie, director of senior jewelry at Greater China, Bulgari Greater China. Gem Table with emeralds, rubies, sapphires from the gems of the color can find a lot of fun, feel like a painter, put the gem together is the starting point of the creative process. “As the essence of Italian culture, representatives and communicators, Replica Cartier jewelry blend of traditional elegance and modern fashion, showing a brand of deep cultural accomplishments and sophisticated art of jewelry. Warm early summer season, Bulgari to the beautiful collection of jewelry to create a bright jewelry dream trip, the Italian design and the graceful outline of women complement each other, presented a beautiful jewelry visual feast. (Photo: Bulgari Greater China senior jewelry director Ms. Bobbie show Gem Table)

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Not long ago, the world famous jewelry brand Cartier invited a group of media people to Geneva and Paris

Which one of the emperors of the last day who ordered what jewelry, with how much to drink the number of rubies, Cartier archives are recorded in the crystal clear.

Not long ago, the world famous jewelry brand Cartier love bracelet replica invited a group of media people to Geneva and Paris, close contact with the Cartier housekeeping baby. This is the most meaningful and rewarding business promotion that I attended.

First of all, the priceless jewelry is hidden in a particularly humble inside the building, there is a very common underground cafes, into the floor, like a cage like the old European elevator, we are more than a dozen people, plus TV Shooting equipment, had to install lots in batches.

After sitting down, Cartier’s heritage director to give us a speech, very brief, mainly means that the design of jewelry and technology development is closely linked with the changes in European society. He gave me an example:

Before the nineteenth century, most of the diamonds were set on silver, because silver was more able to make diamonds than gold. But silver is easy to turn black, which is not a problem before the nineteenth century, because there was no light at that time, and the jewels were bright. But Europe has a light, we suddenly found that the big carat next to the vague look good. So, Cartier invented platinum with diamonds. Another advantage of platinum diamonds is that platinum is harder than silver, which makes jewelry more personal, more flexible, with very little platinum can be achieved with a lot of silver effect.

The most surprising thing is the Cartier archives, in the thick leather cover financial file, remember very clearly, which emperor which day for what beauty book jewelry, how much drilling, how many rubies, how many two platinum, At a glance, and some next to the Cartier love ring replica painting, I was thinking, Cartier’s accounting is not easy, have to be able to draw jewelry?

In addition to this record, all the advanced custom jewelry design drawings are archived, in the absence of pictures of the times, there are gypsum mold and glass reversal film. The protection of these records is a very kind old lady, she carefully show us all her baby.

The next day, we went to see the Cartier watch factory. This is Switzerland’s largest watch factory, I try to use a boy’s mind to understand why men have such a big table of enthusiasm, a watch will be tireless. My husband had to buy a car on the road, received a table business phone, the results of a bend, went to the table there, buy a car, plus half of the savings, into two antique pocket watch. I no matter how hard, I can not understand this irrational impulse on the table.

We first saw the quartz watch core, the Japanese invention almost destroyed the entire Swiss watch industry. But compared with the mechanical watch core, I suddenly understand the elegance of the latter. A complex mechanical watch core at least have nearly a hundred parts, to consume a mature worker a day’s time to assemble, if not art, at least a fine handicrafts. And if it is Tourbillon, the watch will have hundreds of parts.

To Paris, the most special feeling is the Cartier shop for more than 100 years did not move, the original store is just next to a corner of the British hotel lobby, and today, the shop almost annexed the lobby.

The culmination of the visit is to visit the three-story and four-story high-level jewelry workshop on Peace Street.

High-level jewelry and custom jewelry never in the store, the annual high-level jewelry will be like art in the world as a circle, while selling side to sell. I never thought that the birth of a jewelry is so complicated, many links, the workload of the vast and cumbersome, in an Internet era, a race against time, so focused, long time to make a thing simply can not Imagine.

The designer of the jewelry is flat, and the task of the jeweler is to change the map into a three-dimensional small sculpture, the jeweler is a jewelry engineer, he wants to design out of their craft, a leopard who how many drill How many carats, leopards and necklaces are connected, and so on, are marked on a wax model. Then there will be a model, first gypsum, and then do silver. And then put some instead of jewelry set to see the effect, to this step, the jeweler is likely to decide to start all over again. Replica Cartier jewelry high-level jewelry sometimes two years of effort.

In addition to the jewelry division, as well as mosaic division, its work is self-evident. As well as cutting division, and then a small diamond will have 57, so that it may make each diamond light to be maximized.

So I am most touched by the inside of the polisher, they are responsible for the jewelry seat in the mosaic before polishing, one of the old master for 23 years, his job is to wear a cotton thread into the eyes of the mosaic jewelry, the After the mosaic can not see the place are also polished thieves bright.

“Do not you think this job is boring?” I asked him. He shook his head.

“But who is not seen after the part of your polishing, do not you think it is a waste of time?” He looked at me and said, “One thing is invisible, does not mean that there is no, for example: God.

I’m speechless. I worship the 23-year-old old man. I’m his fan.

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the Wizards team in this 2k mt of time only 30 points

Section IV and overtime, the small Thomas scored 29 points, and the 2k mt team in this period of time only 30 points, you can say that a small Thomas force, let the opponent across the board collapse. The strongest surface 175, people have to admire. The Celtics beat the Wizards at all time, and the little Thomas scored a 53 points for the playoff career (20 points in the 2k mt season), and he also became one of Paulo Pierce since 2003 at the end of the playoffs at least Scored 20 points for the Green Army players. 53 points is the Celtics playoff team history of the second high score, second only to John – Harvard Cecker in the 1973 Eastern Conference semi-finals when the buy nba 2k17 coins of the Hawks 54 points. Little Thomas has also become the fifth of the Green Army history, but also since 2009, Ray – Allen (51) after the first in the playoffs score 50 + players, or since 2003 Iverson (55) since the season The 2k mt score in the match Today, a small Thomas distal + plus a total of 29 points scored, and the Wizards during this period the team only get 30 points.

Wizards star star John – Wall is also doing well, his audience scored 40 points and 13 assists, becoming the first team of the Wizards season team scored at least 40 points +10 assists. And he also became a player in the 1969 2k mt – West (42 points and 12 assists) and then in the playoffs when the face of the Celtics can get at least 40 points +10 assists. In addition, the small Thomas and cheap nba 2k17 coins
campaign Qi Qi 40 +, the last two players from different camps in the playoffs chase 40 + also dates back to the 2011 Western Conference Finals Thunder VS Mavericks series opener. Dirk Nowitzki scored 48 points on the spot, while Kevin – Durant also recorded 40 points. Warriors win the jazz, the Warriors campaign fast break score 29-6 suppression jazz, it is worth 2k mt that this season the Warriors fast break scoring more than 25 points game 28 victory.

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