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Newton: referee told me I have enough qualifications

Each season has a lot of nfl coins star players will get a lot of favorable foul whistle, which has been questioned by outsiders. recent victory over the New Orleans Saints quarterback Kanmu Panthers – Newton seems to have also very much agree. Newton mut coins sale explained after the game why he did not get the foul whistle foul in the fourth quarter was a collision, he explained referee Ed- Huo Qiu Li said he has enough seniority to get a personal foul by whistle.


Newton said: I am puzzled, I was being unreasonable collision, you understand that these defensive players are not in the action hit me, although all of this is very close, but definitely after a whistle butt But I get madden coins the answer is you enough older in the league, so you can not get the penalty. & Rdquo; & rdquo; shortly after the fall of force referee Howard denied his remarks. No matter how that newbies did not get all the rights available to veterans, and perhaps this is star effect & rdquo; it.


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