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Network reporter sacked corrupt officials

Speaking of tibia gold corruption of corrupt reason, it is manifold, it was more “real” and want for themselves and their families “create” a better life; it was politics for many years, went so far as to say I do not know corruption is a felony; One of the most insincere excuse those who, undoubtedly insisted that “for economic development,” buy swtor credits “for the country to cultivate talent” and other such sophistry bound Wizards; but so far, the reporter saw the most “stay Meng” The reason is the “only quietly enjoy.”
To this end, China Network reporter sacked corrupt officials in some sort of corruption in the process of mental activity, take a look at the reasons they have what corruption.
One reason: worry about old age
Former deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Energy Board, former director Liu Tienan use of his office, alone or together with his son and illegally accepting other people’s property 3558 million yuan. December 2014, Liu Tienan trial was sentenced to life imprisonment and deprived of political rights for life.
Former sacked, in the eyes of many of my colleagues, Liu Tienan is an outstanding cadres of self-discipline – “your life doing work.” “Every day in addition to sleeping alone in the office,” and even “strictly follow procedures.” “Why not go to dinner.” . He privately collect money, were seeking power because “the wife always felt wronged,” “I would like to help his son,” “worried about his old age.”
Reason two: do senior beauty card
In August 2013, former deputy director of Chaoyang District Rural Work Committee Dongjin Ting was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment, of which 19 million yuan of corruption and bribery is used to do high-level beauty card, to buy his son first class tickets and the like. In addition, Dongjin Ting received major department store shopping card, she only recalled a go. “I use the money to buy jade.” Dongjin Ting said.
Three reasons: I do not want to be considered abnormal nerve
In August 2010, Sichuan Meishan former vice mayor of YAT for accepting bribes was sentenced to thirteen years. Being written Procuratorate in Sichuan Province during the investigation of repentance in the book, he wrote, I told myself, no clean water to fish. If I am unique, reject someone else’s “good intentions” and even turned over the bribe, not to offend people, but also to be seen as different, that I was not normal nerve, head faulty. This is no good for work, not to mention Ben future performance of a tree. Therefore, acquaintances, “friends” and entrepreneurs with money and goods sent on behalf of the New Year, I are all kindly.

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