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Milan fashion designers bend seasons for next summer

Milan fashion designers bend seasons for next summer

The biggest cross seasonal indulgences are fur stoles, tops and Prada even had a summer fur coat. Boots were summer cuts, with open toes, and leather jackets in some cases was perforated or interspersed with sheer materials.With Milan Fashion Week winding down with its fifth day Sunday, no defining must be look has emerged good news for women who value individuality, as they are sure to find something that works for them.Maybe not everyone can pull off the ubiquitous bra top or bandeau. In that case, there are more modestly cut cropped tops that speak the same language.For every long skirt, there is a shorter one. Pants can be anything: tight, loose, cropped, long. In short, if there is a fashion trend emerging, it’s anything and the opposite goes.Castiglioni takes the resulting pretty looks and adds a sports touch: a stripy belt, or a bomber jacket, or platform trekking sandals.Another lightness play: creating looks from sheer fabric to something denser, like a crepe, and with the same floral prints in a gravity play, an exercise in opposites and contrasting weights.High waist trousers had elaborate folds on the front, as sort of origami that wraps around the body, and drop into deep cuffs. In one iteration, sheer black pants were worn over shorts, and paired with a delicately pleated top with spaghetti straps.The collection featured many Asian touches, from the fine floral prints to the Geisha style super high thongs.Visors and chunky jewelry finished the looks, along with geometrically structured handbags.DOLCE and Gabbana seemed to be saying, “If you got it flaunt it,” in their latest summer collection loaded with gold coins.The treasury of Greek and Roman coins appeared in print on silk dresses and skirts, as tassels on bags and shoes or as ostentatious buckles on leather belts, or simply as jewelry.Underlining the message, the design team Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana sent a bevy of models down the runway all in gilded lace for their traditional show finale.The designers, who have long taken inspiration from Sicily, in recent seasons have focused more concretely on the island’s treasures. Already in the menswear shows for summer last June, Dolce featured Greek temples, which appeared again in the women’s collection for summer 2014 painted across silk outfits.The show’s backdrop was an orchard of blooming almond trees one of Sicily’s natural wonders. The delicate pinkish blossoms appear as appliques on feminine organza dresses and also tops.Take for example an outfit that from the back looks like a double breasted cropped jacket with a short pleated skirt worn over trousers. It’s only from the front that it is clear that the short skirt is actually the bottom of the jacket, detached, forming the basis of a new design language.Designer Massimiliano Giornetti also experiments with lighter fabric, sheers and silks, a trend on the Milan runway this season. He creates bandeau tops, out of Ferragamo’s expertly crafted leather, which are worn beneath transparent shirts: modesty is retained. Satiny dresses are swept to one side into a cascade of pleats. Trench coats were so supple as to resemble dresses.The softer looks, and neutral colour palate, contrasted with python leather jackets with green, blue or pink accents.Ferragamo’s trademark footwear included open toe sandals, with some finishing at the knee in a hybrid boot for shorter skirts, fashioned out of such luxury materials as calfskin and python. Bags included fold over purses and python clutches.

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