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Latest online fixes: Paladin furnace skills weakened

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Holy light perfusion (void light melting furnace characteristics): now can not be inspired by the wisdom of the wisdom of the trigger effect.
Fiorea’s carriage: Fixed bug where it was wrong to disappear from some of the servers.
The great evangelist Aina La: Fixed a bug that did not appear correctly in the world mission of Ma Kaerei “crazy return”.
Rage cut (honor talent): now will be properly removed when the target is subjected to skill and spell damage.
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Magic whip flutter: to improve its chance of occurrence. Argus’s stars can also trigger.
Flame of the pain: the pain of the book will now be more obvious.
Talgas’s troops, flanking: completing other tasks and then abandoning the two tasks, no longer lead to the player can not re-receive another task.
Other recent online amendments:
The props sold by Toran will now provide discounts based on prestige.
Fixed a bug that led to a number of ruling groups in the underground world did not count into the ambassador’s mission.
Dungeon & Team Copy
Board of Governors:
Shadow Assault: Shadow Walker of the skills no longer destroy the big hit a pass the required seal of the storage empty.
Promoted Zular:
Dark Divorce: When confused, it will now release the void energy correctly.
Governor Nazar:
Dark roar: Fixed a bug that cast the skills and prevents it from being interrupted in the dark barrier effect.
Fixed the BUG that caused the leader to go into battle because he did not get the energy.
The tomb of Sargeras:
Master Saseline:
Horror Shark: Adjust the visual effects of blood skills under the epic difficulty.
Painful burden: it will be in the drunk boxing, blood shield or rhetoric: shield and other absorption effects before calculating the damage.
Soothing fog (weave ancient law): the new target re-cast when the skills are no longer mistakenly canceled.
Ning Shenhua war ghoul: Fixed the BUG that caused the task to fail.
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