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in the first section of the 2k mt has been able to establish double-digit advantage

Wizards in the first section of the game has been able to 2k mt double-digit advantage, mainly because they did not appear mistakes, and forced the Celtics appeared 9 turnovers. But when the rest of the time in the 2k mt of Wall, the situation on the field was reversed in the second quarter with 6 minutes and 56 seconds left, Luo Zier fined two goals, the Celtics succeeded in chasing the score 45- 50. Wall returned to the field did not stop the Celtics offensive, the Wizards in this section there have been seven myteam coins for sale, gave the Celtics a lot of counterattack opportunities, in this 2k mt 2 minutes and 11 seconds left, Horford Outside hit three points, the Celtics have been overtake score 59-58. The Celtics have only one turnovers in this section, and they are behind 64-67 after half.

Wall scored 23 points in the first half and scored a new high in the 2k mt. Little Thomas scored 20 points in the first half, the third highest in his playoff career. People in the first half to get 64 points but still behind their last 2k mt in the playoffs in this situation, or in 1987 with the Bucks Eastern Conference semi-final series of the fourth buy myteam coins nba 2k17, when they were in the first half 64-65 behind, that time they struggled two overtime to 138-137 final win.

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