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In addition to the fifa 16 coins shop game

In addition to the mobile game, 2015 has too many emerging field worthy of our attention: H5 games, VR games, TV box which will be the fifa 16 coins shop point? 2014 ChinaJoy, the organizers specially for TV game set up special area for display, and in this fifa 16 coins shop, some manufacturers with their display space held a small VR game show, many people understand fifa 16 coins shop the first time to subvert the traditional concept of game products and equipment.
At the same time fifa 16 coins shop the ChinaJoy held by the China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Industry Summit fifa 16 coins shop, Tencent group’s chief operating officer Ren Yuxin first stage to elaborate on the pan entertainment for the game industry changes. He from the animation, games, literature, film and other aspects of the pan entertainment for fifa 16 coins shop game of convergence and fifa 16 coins shop, and these blocks are actually can be connected together.
The most fifa 16 coins shop example is in the past two years IP authorization has become a hot topic, many game companies know a cross-border IP quality can bring the unexpected effect of the game itself frontal pipetting, profit, operation. It is therefore, in a fifa 16 coins shop of subsequent meetings, many industry executives have been analyzed and described.
Foresee 2016
“I can foresee the fifa 16 coins shop”, of course, is a false proposition, a human does not have any doors, time speed and other black technology, how will know next year’s Shanghai beach will become what kind of. But through this year’s show to reveal the fifa 16 coins shop, it cheap eso gold as well let us boldly predict: ChinaJoy, will be better.
Exhibition professional re upgrade:
ChinaJoy this year, a full fifa 16 coins shop B B, which also reflects the current situation of the Chinese game market, and in 2016, the trend will fifa 16 coins shop to expand. Although some people sing bad hand travel industry, such as large-scale reshuffle, CP and so on. But if you stay in this industry for a long time, you will find that in fact, there will be a reshuffle. Even the fifa 16 coins shop of the tour and the tour page share is becoming smaller and smaller, but it will certainly remain in a fifa 16 coins shop range, it still has the value of Fei.

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