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How to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone

I deleted some important text messages from iPhone, would i be able to get them back? The messages are important to me in for the fact that those messages are from my lover.

Data loss on iPhone/iPad/Pod Touch become more and more common and you may lost your important messages due to various reasons like deletion accidently, iOS system upgrade, virus attack, iPhone lost/stolen/damaged and more other situation. But now you can solve the problem easily and quickly with the powerful and easy iPhone recovery software-iFoneMate

Actually, the messages you deleted from your iPhone are still there on your devices, however invisible to you, you have to get them back as they are easily to be overwritten by new data. iFoneMate software is the best tool you can depend on to retrieve iPhone messages. With this software, you get three methods to recover deleted iPhone messages.

1. Restore deleted data from iPhone directly

2. Retrieve lost iPhone data from iCloud backup files

3. Recover deleted data from iTunes backup files

Here, we’ll show you detailed steps about how to retrieve deleted text messages from iPhone directly without any backup files

Firstly, you should download the iFoneMate on and install the message recovery software on your computer.

Step 1, Launch the iFoneMate software and select “Recover from iOS devices” mode

Step 2, Select “Messages” category and click “Start Scan” for the deleted messages

Step 3. After scanning, you can all the text messages on the “Messages” category. Select the ones you need and click “Recover to PC” to save the recovered messages on your computer.

Recovering deleted data from iTunes backup files are also simple through three simple steps as below.

Step 1.Launch the iPhone SMS recovery software-iFoneMate and select the second mode “Recover from iTunes backup files”.

Step 2. Choose the iTunes backup files you need and click “Start Scan”

Step 3. Preview the detailed contents of each message after scanning. Extract the deleted text messages from iTunes backup files by clicking “Recover to PC”.

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