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Hot Fashion the Professional Womans Guide Wardrobe Rio Grande Valleys

Hot Fashion the Professional Womans Guide Wardrobe Rio Grande Valleys

Living in a very hot climate almost all year round has a way of dampening our enthusiasm for fashion. During these extreme conditions, we set aside our fashion senses and let our sensibility take the reigns instead. However, hot seasons should not be that much of a hindrance for those who have a good taste for clothes. Think summer thoughts and create a somewhat formal, beach side look such as flimsy tops paired with crisp linen suits. If you don’t want to veer off your usual office style, shop around for clothes with thinner fabric versions and avoid synthetic materials that do little to absorb moisture. Seeing bright colors especially those that are nature inspired such as those you can see on tropical flowers like bright pinks and yellows are very suitable on brighter days. Neutral colors similar to river stones like grays and light browns are fashion staples for a more subdued style. Avoid neons and shiny fabrics that attract light since these can be a bit too glaring for most people.

Light Layers

For women who are accustomed to wearing business suits to work, you might want to invest on a beautifully tailored suit. Worsted wool is the fabric of choice and is the same material used in high quality Italian suits for men. There are also affordable options for those who are on a tight budget, such as linen and cotton suits which look polished enough for the office as well as other functions. Pinstripe suits always look sharp no matter what season. Just choose weather appropriate fabrics, preferably in gray or other light shades.

For those who don’t often wear suits to work but still want to layer their outfits, you can opt for tailored vests and other minimal layers. Cropped jackets and blazers are a bit lighter than full length versions but look just as formal if they are tailored well. This is also a good time to showcase those bright colored boleros and floral patterned vests that you can’t usually get away with in cooler seasons. It’s not advisable, however, to wear short undershirts that show skin. For women, you can go as short as up until your knees for your pants and as much as or cap sleeves for your arms but this is still subject to your office dress codes. There are a wide variety of summer shoes for women that are appropriate enough to wear for work such as espadrilles, ballerina shoes, sandals, slingbacks and other shoes that offer less material coverage around your foot. There are also some athletic shoes are designed for better air circulation. Leather shoes are not as adaptable to hot weather. It’s best to choose shoes with cloth like material such as canvas sneakers and slip ons.


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