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Gen FIFA15 and WE2015

FIFA15 become more real, details can be said that the current football game is the most abundant and intuitive. The FIFA15 let me most satisfaction is the sense of weight and down to earth kind of feeling, motion capture is quite rich, each foot ball, stop the ball, shooting, fighting both the siege and the goalkeeper and the reality of the game too much like, FIFA15’s quality enough amazing. Compared to a few former WE2015 have made great progress, but only fifa 15 coins and live their own series for comparison. WE2015 seeking direction not the kind of realistic football game, but a straightforward game. Easier to use and easier to score. But after I played live 2015 DEMO, it subsequently gave up the idea of purchased because WE2015 absolutely no sense of weight and down to earth kind of feeling. Floating, really slippery.

Body of comparative modeling: In fact, this thing can be said that these two works have advantages and disadvantages. Modeling fact that the overall look more comfortable, but you have to look carefully, live in the great players are hip, lower body imbalance; but the player’s face, the hair more realistic portrayal. FIFA15, are to undergo a scan acquisition, and EA cooperative team player perfectly. But this FIFA15 players lower body is good, but the upper body shoulder became a big spit grass place, and the player’s head is slightly on the small side. . . As the chart below, you can see the live modeling Neymar fundamental victory, but the plum number one is very strange, a bit too much right hip.

Some gestures player dribbling forward: FIFA once the chicken has finally gone, and now more able to see the players a wealth of hand movements, orchid fingers, make a fist, two open palms, etc.; WE2015 in this regard doing a good place, on this point the two works can be said to be comparable.

Players expression: FIFA15 added emotional system that allows players showing more and more abundant expression, ecstatic after scoring, lonely lost the ball after remorse after mistakes and missed opportunities, and encouragement of his teammates complain etc. are portrayed life; WE2015 slightly less in this regard, although the efforts to create different expressions among the players, but it feels a bit stiff. Tightlipped.

Passing: FIFA’s long pass, short pass high degree of verisimilitude, especially under the three-box pass, not a brainless vigorously to the front foot, but tends to be true that with radians passing. And unlike FIFA WE2015 passing so high degree of verisimilitude, more half and half simulation game action, the moment the ball is a little feeling, but the ball’s flight path and material engine is very strange.

Shooting: FIFA15 shot in pursuit of opportunity and the reality of the moment and the same foot timing. Long shots are just not able to play the world’s waves, the only long-range precision high players, such as Steven Gerrard, Riboud, mule easier to play wonderful long-range, in general, long-range aircraft and is the largest of playing defender who will denied. Rub shot at the highest degree of difficulty and some people did not say so BUG, it is quite true. Lob, is not a simple one to pick fastfifa14, but you press the control lever and the timing and strength of Cao angle, hit the lob effect is entirely different; while WE2015 shot producer is able to see in order to meet the players and deliberately crafted , everyone can play the beautiful long-range, can score, and a high probability, although straightforward, but it is the moment thing. Shooting action FIFA15 more real, there are many uncertain factors, such as the timing is not good shot, forced out of the foot, let the players injured or fall based on so called instability, these small details we need to find yourself in the game. Basic stereotyped shot live action, nothing surprising places.

Players and equipment: FIFA15 jersey really disgusting, like bubble inflated over the water and a large jacket. Without FIFA14 floating in the wind, nor the kind of pounding feeling. And jersey color perception and reality differ some, goalkeeper gloves were all into the cottage, and I hope the official version can be improved. WE2015 this regard do relatively better player shirts, socks, goalkeeper gloves portrayed are real, the texture looks absolutely better than FIFA15.

Let me say the other: On the corner of the action, live a good look, FIFA, although there run-up, but that under the foot quite rough, slightly regret.

Goalkeeper open ball movement, who live 2,015 stations will open ball very strange, but the kick-off of the action and realistic like. Standing posture FIFA15 goalkeeper before the kick-off good, but the moment the foot feels like to be something to pull out.

Compare kick action: FIFA15 individual players in action is entirely a free kick: a motion capture, such as Su God, Messi, Gerrard. But no motion capture players foul posture is very strange, and very funny. Such as Yaya Toure, the free-throw action too shocking. Live in a free kick kicker in action, although no motion capture, but the star of the free-throw action is still very good imitation, Messi, C Ronaldo, Arjen Robben, Pirlo and so on. And in general there are several players kick the ball position, basically covers the mainstream free throws action, on this point is indeed better than FIFA15 kind.

Turf and dirty jersey: FIFA15 finally joined the turf damage settings, turf before and after the game entirely two samples, this setting FIFA15 is dynamic, as the game progresses and intensity, the extent of damage to the turf is different . Players of clothes and shoes and finally no longer spotless, but I like to get dirty. Especially on rainy days. Although the live 2015 also joined the footprints left on the turf setting, but this setting is fixed and will not change with the game again, the player’s jersey shoes can also be dirty, but not as good as FIFA15 dirty so interesting.

The new celebration: FIFA15 player celebrations finally not so dull, no longer two gay. 10 people celebrating, immersive, very passionate. WE2015 is joined to celebrate the players and fans to interact, but also very Lai, strengths can say at this point.

For the time being on nagging them now. Both works are actually worth buy fifa 15 coins playing, but the choice of a right for you is the most correct choice, instead of watching how others give lessons. Like me more like FIFA15, because it is the kind of down to earth, there is a sense of weight, tends to be more real game. A football game, a football game, how to select, make hard to understand.

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