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final fantasy xiv online a realm reborn

Alright, just read and hear me out quick before you start bashing me. So I come from another MMO called Maplestory. For basically 8 years that’s the only MMO I played. On that game, people sell game cards for ingame currency all the time. It’s a totally normal thing at this point. I was a noob that had nothing, so I began to do the same at some point so I could be up in there with everyone else. In the later half of last year, I began to play cheapest FFXIV Gil for sale. I leveled up my character and I spent a lot of time on her all the way until I reached max level. Then I realized how long it takes to get higher ilvl gear that you buy from Mor Dhona and someone told me that after that there’s more you have to do. I go to college full time and I’m also in and out of the hospital a lot for diseases I have. I don’t get to sit on my computer as much as I would like to, but I really wanted to be like my friends and do the higher dungeons. I bought a small amount of gil and bought myself the Kirimu set so I could have a high enough ilvl. I didn’t think it would be a big deal seeing as people on Maplestory did this kind of thing all the time. My guild messaged me today saying someone apparently told them that I did this and they said I poisoned the guild and I’m disgusting and a cheater. I tried to explain what happened and how while I guess the set was cheating, I did actually spend a lot of time on my character and that part wasn’t cheating. They don’t care and they said I’m going to be reported.

I didn’t realize what an offense this is and if someone can tell me how to destroy the gear, I really would. I am never going to spend a penny on that game to buy gil again, but I was wondering if it’s likely I’m going to get banned now? I realize what I did wrong now and I regret it but this character meant so much to me and I’m afraid of losing all my work. final fantasy xiv gil online I’m going to end up having to quit if I do get banned.

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