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FIFA15 demo version of the long-range simple tips

This is definitely for the long shots do ancient highest fidelity, for different players, different ball positions, different traveling speeds, different defensive pressure, long-range has a different feel. Overall, long-range is to FIFA PS3 Coins strengthen, especially long-range ability of players at kicker very uncomfortable situation, it is quite fierce. Just to finish off a game, with Sturridge in the restricted area arc position had lost a person directly after left foot into the far corner pocket corner. Henderson return after about 30 meters Gerrard blasted kick the world’s waves, or outside the instep with the arc, although the angle is not cunning but still entered. That was great, really shook up.


Other players also tried long-range kicks, but the quality is not high. This is a good thing, the performance of different players with different abilities become more pronounced. We can bring a good experience at the Pure Shot evolution.


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