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FIFA 15 the manager mode 352 formation 1800 legendary players choosegraphic Raiders manager experience

Then start with 325 Chong points, 4114 and 325 are actually used A Micro message of God, but on the season to try several times 325 effect is not good and not using. This time to see James @ the king of basketball in the post Post Bar after great inspiration, he put the tactical plate to improve the look.

The biggest change is shot, was 9, too low, sometimes striker has the opportunity also does not shoot still that, tune into 16 after a lot of good, finallystarted scoring.

Crosses also raised the point, there are surprises appropriate cross.

The following is the experience: FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins now the national service ladder environment is a variety of 4114 and 325, if you use the 325 met 325, can use LS or RS to LWRW 325, because the opposite is not the full backs.

2 best free kick set Chinbel penalty kicks, this Saijibeier into several key free kick,free kick before the C Luo generally plane or sent directly to the goalkeeperarms.

The 3 managers recommended best player, defender with a star, the enchantersilver general AI and tactical consciousness of man to man is low, this in the executive mode is fatal. The most important thing is never got steals masterproperty back, unless you want to experience the overtime 120th minutes sentacross a penalty acid cool feeling.

Recommended sister-in-law Ramos Benetti A Hummel J, I used a David Lewis,hidden talented and accurate long passes, and is good in the air, and occasionally a corner into a ball or Bigfoot Qiangdian looking forwards to form single, which in manager mode can often decide a game.

Don’t use Richards kompany Pepe Chiellini, best first check with the enchanteralso hidden, got steals master can not be fifa coins

The waist recommended Toure, regardless of 1v1 or managers, really good,very strong sense of existence. In fact, the waist is also easy to send stealsmaster, but not very often. But Pogba DeRossi Ramirez can not or do not have.

The best playmaker playmaker has the hidden, Luka Modric J Luo 10 Harveysmall method are good.

My managers are most afraid of striker Suarez is, do not know why old is hescored, feeling particularly can mix, main managers can enter a conscience,absolute. Benzema and W David Villa is also good. The manager mode of this kind of permeability compared with popular striker, Ibu Costa this often is carrying the opposite back in then a plane.

Long winded so much, and I hope to give us some help, if you can’t find asuitable tactics board you on or to the original 325 are not satisfied, you can try this.


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