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FIFA 15 is not easy to make people feel disappointed

We can also know how much to a point FIFA 15 series in recent years design ideas from the goalkeeper such characteristics, authenticity of the role in the game is a bottom line, is not the ultimate goal of the pursuit of works. With this idea as the guidance, then between the teams in the game against the technology is very important, realistic individual player performance is also very important, but these rather than let game player have a star addiction in the game are secondary. At that moment the goal, EA hope game player can feel is Neymar, he is Ibrahimovic, and in the process of game player as long as they do not feel playing Mario kart, the truth should be enough.

To understand this point we will find, almost all the improvements made in FIFA 15 are actually in the concept of service. More active points, more passionate interpretation, even more personalized celebrations and so on are also to the game player between the anchor and the identity of the star coincidence exists. Today, unless technological breakthrough again hardware, otherwise the anshao really have been unable to imagine a everyone likes, better football game of what they should look like, but if only on refreshing feeling and to the game player vanity, FIFA 15 is not easy to make people feel disappointed.fifa ultimate team coins

EA on quality among its achievements are reflected in the FIFA 15 in the computer, the AI will now take a more flexible way to control the player, game player will be more difficult to pre computer defenders may react. Even using exactly the same tactical allocation, different players according to the characteristics of different usually make different performance, although the mechanism is still unclear realization anshao now behind this effect, but give a person’s intuitive sense (at the highest difficulty) both players have become richer personality, every time confrontation also more so full of variables.

As for the feel of the anshao, always thought this was a subjective question. From this point of view, FIFA 15 it feels more flexible operation may not necessarily on all the game player’s appetite. Another significant change is the efficiency of automatic closing down the defensive player of the decline, like rely on the computer to intercept the other player’s lazy game player may have to adjust their style of play. In addition, shooting power also seems to be more difficult to grasp than before because of some special properties of FIFA, and 15 goalkeeper, select off to next to teammate in the striker and goalkeeper in 1 on 1 situation seems to break the probability will be higher. But as the anshao mentioned at the beginning, FIFA is now the boss, but unless it is to stand up to fight a battle, what radical design adventure with EA nature also no reason in this to harvest the fruits of victory in

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