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‘FIFA 14’ picking up slack for next

‘FIFA 14’ picking up slack for next

Electronic Arts will release the official 2014 FIFA World Cup video game on April 15, but the next gen consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4, along with PC, won’t see the game, according to a report today from GameSpot.

However, EA Sports took to Twitter to clarify that the publisher’s full scale title FIFA 14 would include a “range of World Cup content and tournaments” in its FIFA Ultimate Team feature, so as not to leave out the Xbox One and PS4 owners of the world.

The World Cup version of the massive sports video game franchise wasn’t set to release on next gen consoles, according to producer Matthew Prior, because the vast majority of the game’s fans internationally will be playing on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

According to Prior, 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil will feature the updated version of the Impact Engine, which are used in the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of FIFA 14, and will include a number of new and returning features, like Road to the FIFA World Cup, in which players can chose from any of the 203 national teams sanctioned by FIFA and play through the qualifying rounds.

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