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FIFA 14: As the first next-gen title awarded BIU Sales Award

The Federal Association of Interactive fifa 14 coins Entertainment Software Association (BIU) has released for the month of December 2013, the Sales Awards. At Electronic Arts we would be in this Fifa coins context are very particular about the BIU Sales Award in Gold (100,000 sold games) for “FIFA 14” for the new PlayStation 4 from Sony, as announced in a recent message.

The popular football simulation is the first video game for the new console generation ever to receive this award. Moreover reached “Battlefield 4” in December two Sales Award in Gold (for PS3 and PC).

Current reportedly improves Electronic Arts at the license-catalog of the “FIFA” series further and pulled for “FIFA 14” another partner on land.

In detail we have here to do with the Colombian Football Federation, who decided to collaborate with EA Sports and “FIFA” creators thus admits the possibility of the Categoría Primera A, the top professional league in Colombia, in “FIFA 14” to ship. The reports at least the Colombian daily El Tiempo. An official confirmation from EA Sports is still pending.

This country is “FIFA 14” will appear on September 26, among others for the PlayStation 3 and come up with 30 leagues, over 600 licensed teams and 16,000 kickers.

“FIFA 14” in 2013 was overall the best-selling next-gen game in Germany. Cross-platform can be found even four EA titles in the charts of the year 2013: “FIFA 14” at No. 2, “Battlefield 4” at No. 5, “FIFA 13” at No. 6 and “Crysis 3” in ninth place.


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