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Fashion Trends how to Wear Chunky Chokers

Fashion Trends how to Wear Chunky Chokers

Chunky chokers can be fun to wear and make a bold statement, but try to follow these simple rules so you look chic, not clunky.

Let your choker be the star of the show.

If you’re making a statement with a clunky choker (whether it be multiple gems or heavy metals), be sure to let the necklace have the spotlight. Nothing else that you wear should have much embellishment. That isn’t to say the pieces can’t be special everything should have details you love. But it’s best to keep your outfits basic when one accessory makes such a strong statement.

Choose your neckline with care.

A choker can look completely different when worn with different things. The impact of chokers is the drama they have when paired with a bare neck. Different necklines of shirts or blouses can change that impact. Don’t choose turtlenecks or crew neck shirts the neckline will compete with your choker and your outfit will look confused rather than chic. Instead look for necklines that provide a great blank canvas for your choker and also bring attention to your face. Some examples include sweetheart, scoop neck and deep V necklines.

Be mindful of accompanying accessories.

Having accessories that complement your choker can make or break the outfit. The tone of the choker can change with your outfit. Glamorous earrings and a clutch will make your clunky choker runway ready, whereas stud earrings and an oversize bag can give it a chic, dressed up casual look. Just remember to keep the choker as the focus on your bare neck; no scarves or wraps with this fashion statement!

With these simple tips you can master the craft of wearing a chunky choker. Now all you have to do is find one that’s right for you. And don’t let the bold statement of a chunky choker trick you you can still wear even the most elaborate of necklaces with simple jeans and a T shirt. The trick is just to keep the rest of your styling super casual, and to wear everything with confidence.

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