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Fashion Trend Setters of the Past and Present

Fashion Trend Setters of the Past and Present

that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it. Whether Churchill, Santayana, or Burke first made the famous statement, he was right. Never more evident than in fashion (Madonna’s cone shaped bra, anyone?). And thanks to the invention of the camera, fashion faux pas and vogues are on photographical record for all to see.

The 1920s launched most of the modern trends we know today. Bobbed hair, kohl eye makeup, and shockingly short skirts were made popular by such silent film stars as Louise Brooks and Clara Bow, along with blatant refusal to wear corsets anymore. Not long after, in a world of skirt wearing women, Katharine Hepburn dared to wear pants, a trend typically favored for men until the 1940s. popularized his “New Look” design in 1947 by incorporating clothing styles to flatter (or create for those without) an hourglass figure waist, A line skirts (both dresses and day suits), and necklines like the “sweetheart.”

With the ’50s came fashion icons like Grace Kelly, known for her tailored wardrobes on and off screen, as seen in “To Catch a Thief” (1955) and Window” (1954, which was, in fact, the “Year of Grace”). “Breakfast at Tiffany mirrored Audrey Hepburn’s real life preference for non fussy, simple elegance in hairstyles, clothing, and makeup. Many 1960s (and future) women copied Jackie Onassis’ shift dresses with matching suit jackets, pumps, and oversized sunglasses and Marilyn Monroe’s tight sweaters and pencil skirts. Cher frequently wore outfits with fringe, and salon stylists were repeatedly asked to replicate Farrah Fawcett feathered, blonde cut.

Among many others, Michael Jackson popularized the one glove trend and moon walking, Brooke Shields became synonymous with Levis, and MC Hammer individualized (what else?) “Hammer pants.” Today trends are no less widely varied. Conservatively dressed, the Duchess of Cambridge has started the Middleton effect,” crashing websites selling copycat Kate clothing within minutes. Anyone following Lady Gaga career will remember her space age orbiting headwear, 100% meat dress, and bubble dress. Michelle Obama has been praised for purchasing much of her classy wardrobe at a reasonable price.

Whether actors, designers, musicians, socialites, or political figures, many individuals have influenced today trends for better or for worse, the key similarity being he or she grabbed a look and made it his or her own. When you says, swan dress, everyone thinks, Some trends the fashion world would rather die out; others are still raging almost 100 years later.

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