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Fashion Tips

Small bust, slim waist, big calves11/8/2012Aliti Fashions Q: I have struggled for some time to find the perfect casual and business clothes combination. I have .A: Contrary to what you may believe, a lot of woman would love to have your body shape.Mens skirts11/1/2012Aliti Fashions Q: I am a single shy male of 61 thin built and look younger I work with a all women office .A: Sounds like you had a good time 🙂 There have been a lot of male celebrities who have worn skirts .Non traditional attire for groom10/9/2012Aliti Fashions Q: My fiance and I are having a non traditional wedding. He doesn’t like formal wear and tends to look .A: A lot of the time when people hate formal wear, it’s because they haven’t found the right fit. In .Formal Dress10/7/2012Aliti Fashions Q: So I have just purchased my formal dress which is an antique rose colour of pure silk material. I .A: It seems as though you have everything under control. The rose gold shoes and accessories would .Pattern9/29/2012Aliti Fashions Q: can you plz tell me from which website i can learn on Different pattern making theory. and how can i .A: There are many ways to go about getting the pattern you want. The key to creating a pattern is .Shoe Leather Care9/28/2012Aliti Fashions Q: Do you know of any good shoe leather cleaner or preservative that won’t darken leather? I’ve tried .A: Yes, the best product for you to buy to suit your needs is Bick 4 Leather Conditioner (lanolin .Dressing for different body types9/27/2012Aliti Fashions Q: I want to learn more about what would be the most flattering on different body types. So maybe the .A: There are four main body types: Triangle: Smaller on top than the bottom; pear shaped Inverted .making recent bougt long pants into shorts9/14/2012Aliti Fashions Q: I went to the store and saw that men’s wrangler and levis long pants jeans were much more expensive .A: Yes! Most definitely. The durability, finishing and the strength of the jeans will will not change .COLOR9/12/2012Aliti Fashions Q: How can i choose colors for kids clothing and designs? regards, chingA: The first thing to keep in mind when deciding anything for kids is to remember just that. They are .No panties?9/4/2012Aliti Fashions Q: When did young ladies decide it was OK to stop wearing panties? My wife has caught both my .A: It has never been okay to not wear underwear/ undergarments under ones clothing. The trend started .Sunglasses9/4/2012Aliti Fashions Q: Do you know what brand these sunglasses are or where I can buy them? .A: Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to determine which brand the sunglasses belong to. However, I have .Military Boots?9/2/2012Aliti Fashions Q: I know ankle boots will be IN this season, but will my military boots still be? .A: Yes, I do believe you will be able to get another Winter in with those boots. The silhouettes of .A: Even though it’s a dinner between your husband and his boss, it’s still sort of a casual business .

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