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Fashion Tips for Teenage Boys

Fashion Tips for Teenage Boys

Teenage boys can benefit greatly by adopting fashion tips. While some boys have natural flair and style, others are left floundering when it comes to what to wear to look stylish, and it takes encouragement and advice to draw out their creative side. Teen guys can dress fashionably by learning the basics about fashion, and by developing their own clothing persona.

Fashion basics for teenage boys

If it doesn’t fit, you won’t look good in it. Use a measuring tape, and perhaps get a friend or family member to help you, to find out the measurement of your neck, across your shoulders, arm length, and inside leg measurement. When you purchase a shirt, jacket, suit, jeans or pants you will be able to find the right ones to fit you perfectly.

Change clothing regularly

Remember to change your clothing on a regular basis, and not to wear the same outfit day in and day out. Clothing worn too regularly can look and smell stale.

Avoid clashing patterns

Patterns are fine to wear, but don’t wear them all at once. Too many stripes, swirls and arrows can leave an observers vision blurred, and will do your appearance no favors.


As well as changing your socks each day, you need to avoid wearing white ones with anything other than a sports kit, or a white suit. Black, dark grey, navy blue and dark brown are the most suitable color for socks.

Buy basic essentials to mix and match

The secret to a successful wardrobe is to have it contain clothing you can mix and match. Every teenage boy needs a smart pair of jeans, and jeans he can indulge in rough and tumble in. He also needs a casual jacket, such as a blazer, or leather jacket, depending on personal taste. Even teen guys need a suit and shirt, and a pair of smart/casual pants, such as chinos.

Boots are a fashion must have, and there are a great variety to choose from, including caterpillar boots, military style boots and suede boots. Don’t go over board with too much bling, but do consider wearing one or two special items of jewelery, a hat, a scarf or neck tie and gloves in the winter. If you need to carry a bag, choose one which won’t clash with clothing. A plain, dark color would be a good choice, with plenty of pockets, compartments and zips.

Developing your clothing persona

Although you probably want to be fashionable, don’t be fooled into thinking you need to buy every new trend on the market. Understand the difference between fast fashion, and classic style. Fast fashion comes in with a bang, and disappears just as quickly, leaving you with clothing you no longer want. Classic style come from having basic fashion clothing items you can mix and match.

You can develop your own style by putting your outfit together well, and by choosing accessories to jazz it up which suit your taste. A skinny fit tee shirt in a bold color with a slogan on, teamed with classic chinos, brogue shoes and a trilby hat, for example, would set you apart from other people while catching their eye in a good way.

By experimenting with basic clothing, and adding personal taste and style, teenage boys can look and feel great. Remembering too, that classic fashion never goes out of style, can help you save money and time, making being a fashionable teenage boy effortless.


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