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Fashion Tips for plus Size Teens

Fashion Tips for plus Size Teens

Plus size teens have all the problems of non plus size teens, but they have one more. They may be content with their size, but they can’t find clothing that fits and flatters. They wind up trying to wear whatever’s in’ and showcasing their size rather than making it a non issue by wearing clothing that flatters.

First plus size teens need to realize not every fashion looks good on them. No one looks good in everything, but the plus size teen needs to be extra careful about what they put on their bodies. Get some friends who will be brutally honest with you, and shop for clothes that showcase you rather than causing others to notice the muffin top’ hanging over your low rise jeans.

Don’t buy into the myth that dark clothing or over large clothing will make you look thin. Wear flattering colors and clothing that fits and fits well. Figure out your body type, and look for clothing types that flatter the uniqueness that is you.

Don’t try to fit into clothing that is too small for you. It’s certainly understandable to want to fit in’ by fitting into clothing similar to your friends, but in the long run, it just doesn’t work. Be creative and choose clothing that fits you well, adding faddish extras’ to create a look that works. Too tight clothing draws attention to your clothing and the rolls hanging out of them, while good fitting clothing draws attention to your face and your personality.

Cover it up, but don’t be ashamed to be yourself. No one looks good in spandex, and I mean NO one. Ask your honest friends to help create’ a look for you that flatter and enhances your looks. Try re wear shops and put together an eclectic, unique look that will cause people to look at you and go “Wow, s/he’s hot” rather than Wow, look at that butt.” In the end, please yourself, you are the one who has to wear the clothing, and confidence looks good on anyone.

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