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Fashion is a war between those who can afford it and those who can

Fashion is a war between those who can afford it and those who can

I don believe so. I think it is more of a war between those who look good in clothes and those who don There are just that select bunch of people, that no matter what they put on their body, they look amazing. I know plenty of people who shop clearance racks and discount retailers that look like a million bucks everytime I see them. I believe this is because that no matter what they do or put on, they just look good. And, when you think about it, there are those people, sad as it is. you could go to New York, spend ten grand on one outfit, and they still wouldn look good. Fleets of sailing ships braved death and danger to cross the oceans and return with jewels, silks, and other finery, and ranks of craftsman, artisans and workers labored to produce an ever changing gallery of wear, with virtually no limit to expense.The average citizen in those times was fortunate to have shoes and rugged wear against the elements.The tradition of designing fashion for a wealthy elite continues to this day. Many single garments worn once or twice in a season are expensive enough to feed several families for a year.With cheap labor and materials, today garment industry provides a direct link between the upper atmosphere of high fashion, and the average consumer. Some designs and trends are interpreted and reproduced for mass consumption, often at very reasonable costs. They are the ones challenged to find the new “IT” look every season. Colors, patterns and styles and everything old is new again. As far as affording you can replicate any designer look if you know how to shop. Even create your own. The key is to look for classic lines and cuts from better manufacturers at consignment and thrift shops or even moms or grand moms attic. With a good eye for better materials. For wholesalers, catching the top fashion elements means getting the priority of business. According to fashion weeks trend, bags in following.

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