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Fall Fashion Trends Big Bold Plaid Prints

Fall Fashion Trends Big Bold Plaid Prints

A huge trend for fall is the use of patterns and mixing prints for both men and women. A popular pattern in clothing for fall is big, bold plaid prints. Plaid has become increasingly popular in the last few years in form fitting button up shirts for teens and young adults. While previously associated with utilitarian pieces for warmth or farming, plaid has become a trendy and fashion forward look for men and women alike.

A great style for a big, bold plaid print is still a form fitting button up shirt. A great structure for women is the three quarter sleeved shirt. This allows for a fall appropriate style for warmth but leaves room for some jewelry embellishment around the wrists. Pairing a bold plaid print with some sparkle or metallic finish on multiple strand bangles can be a great way to glam up the look.

Men can achieve the same look by rolling up the sleeves or cuffs on their form fitting button up plaid shirts. Because the new trend for fall is mixing prints, many men’s dress shirts feature a different print on the underside of the shirt or inside the cuff. Men’s Warehouse has a variety of casual dress shirts that feature the mixing of prints to adhere to this new fashion trend.

Just like any print or pattern, plaid comes in a variety of different colors. Using a big, bold plaid is a great way to add some hot fall colors into your outfit. Colors like oxblood red, burnt orange and mustard yellow can be seen on the runways, fashion magazines and celebrity sightings. Implement these fall colors into a big, bold plaid print and let your outfit make a statement for fall.

Mixing patterns for fall is the next hot trend but can be a little tricky. The rule of thumb on mixing prints is to balance the match in accordance to staying within the same color family. Although color blocking can be flattering and trendy, it’s best to stay with one trend at a time when it comes to putting together an outfit.

Also, when pairing up pieces it’s important to balance the mixing patterns by having one piece stand out. When following the big, bold plaid print trend, it’s better to match it with a more subtle pattern. A thin and subtle pinstripe paired with a bold plaid print can allow for the plaid to standout. Conversely, mixing the bold plaid print with an even bolder animal print can be too overwhelming to the eye.

Big, bold plaid prints can be a fun new trend for fall. Make sure to use the trend sparingly and try mixing the prints with other pieces to create the best trendy new look for fall. The look can be casual and relaxed to glamorous and funky, depending on how you use the pieces. Make sure the outfit is tailored and proportionate and have fun with creating your new look.


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