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Eco Fashion

I for one, certainly feel that ethical fashion is embracing new production methods, in order to provide the fashion industry with stylish designs but yet at the same time protecting the environment with which it previously had such a great impact on.

London fashion week was hit by storm with the latest trend of eco fashion; meaning green is the new black. Noir, with their sexy new demi couture label, currently sold in Harvey Nichols, proves that eco fashion can protect the planet as well as looking stylish too. This new collection not only reflects high fashion but maintains the high ethical standards of manufacturing.

Amana also stood out from the crowd at last season’s London Fashion Week Estethica Exhibition; they teamed beautiful designs with ethical production. The entire collection is made by a Fairtrade co operative of women artisans in Morocco. The plus side to this stunningly unique collection is that it has minimal impact on the environment and again meets the requirements of ethical manufacturing, allowing it to bear the title of eco fashion.

So what exactly is eco fashion? Ultimately it is about making clothes that take into account the environment and the working conditions of the people involved with the fashion industry. It is clothing manufactured by environmentally friendly techniques, using organic raw materials, for example cotton minus the pesticides. Another plus that comes with eco fashion is that this type of clothing is made to last, meaning we can keep our favourite items in our wardrobes for longer. Eco fashion also comes from Fairtrade, so the people making the clothes are paid a fair price and are able to work in decent working conditions, as everyone should.

So why should we support eco fashion you ask, because the fashion industry has a large impact on the environment, especially with the use of large factories. Many of the clothes circulating through stores at the moment are made from synthetic materials like that of nylon and polyester.

Currently these materials are non biodegradable and so are difficult to dispose of. In the manufacturing process of nylon a harmful gas called nitrous oxide is given off. This greenhouse gas is 310 times stronger than carbon dioxide and aids global warming.

Certain dyes used on clothes are cancerous and in many parts of the world the garments are dyed using toxic chemicals without proper precaution. The chemicals used affect the workers and can flow into rivers, damaging the local ecosystems, which as a result can destroy these people’s hometowns. But that’s enough about the scientific basis of normal fashion production.

Eco friendly fabrics and dyes, on the other hand, eliminate a large majority of these risks. Natural dyes in contrast are made from plants, vegetables and roots. These then create a large variety of coloured dyes. Hemp is becoming another large product used in the making of eco fashion. It is an eco friendly crop requiring no agricultural chemicals to grow whilst binding and enriching the soil at the same time. All meaning that during the production of the clothes, there is minimal damage to the earth. It also eradicates the use of sweatshops accompanied by young adults and children working long hours in extremely poor conditions, as they are paid a fair amount for their work but are also able to work in better conditions.

One particular company backing the ethical movement is New Entrepreneurs, a workshop programme for budding young fashionistas. It aims to teach them about sustainable businesses in fashion, from finance to supply chains. Participants are then invited to a business planning day, after which their own business plan can be submitted. The winner will then awarded a five week summer internship with a leading fashion business.

Many brands and individual celebrities are backing this latest fashion statement. One influential figure at the moment is Alexa Chung, Arctic Monkeys Alex Turner’s girlfriend. Every girl envies her for her unique style, now everyone can take home a piece of Alexa Chung with her new jewellery collection. She is the brand ambassador for Oxfam’s ethical clothing boutique and has recently created a Fairtrade jewellery range. She has created a variety of funky skull and owl pendant pieces, sure to be hit with every rock chic!

Stella McCartney is yet another celebrity to design her own fashion line; however she has added a twist. Not only has she created her own line but it’s an eco fashion line as well. Her new range will soon become available in the UK as she has recently announced, as currently it is only sold in the famous department store in New York called Barney’s.

Now thanks to the latest developments in eco fashion and many stylish and chic designs appearing, we don’thave to suffer not looking good in order to save the planet. Purchases of eco fashion can be made even better by spending that extra pound on a re usable bag, you get a bag for life as well as a fab new outfit, why not? When indulging yourself with the latest designs of Amana, you are supporting a good cause at the same time. Thanks to these new fashion ranges we can look and feel good knowing that each and every one of us is doing our bit to save the planet.

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