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Dunga Recognized Neymar As The New Brazil Captain: He Is aA Role Model

Brazil coach Dunga confirmed that the Barcelona star Neymar will become the new captain of Brazil. You may want to buy fifa 15 coins ,and now you can
buy fifa 15 coins at our online store with the lowest price .Thursday’s press conference in Miami, Dunga announced the news, the coach also explained the reasons for this decision. He said: “the players have the ability. While still young, but already very mature.

The captain’s decision is everybody to make. Neymar was also responded to. He likes the challenge, also like the victory. We talked with him. This is an important moment in his career and the team.” Dunga also thinks, Neymar is not only the team’s example, or Brazil children.He said: “when I say will help Neymar grow up, some people say that I help Neymar on the team too eccentric. But as our team example players around him, we must build a powerful team. Every time when Brazil won the world cup, we have a personality of a great leader. We will continue this path, but we need the team has more dignified player.”

Ibrahimovic after scoring took off his jersey No. 10 showed him a unique Swedish shirt, positive write “you make everything is possible”, “was written on the back of 1 Ibrhimovic 50+”, which means, in the style of Ibrahimovic, he would have expected the game he would score 2 goals. But he was a yellow card warning strip to celebrate. Ibrahimovic from the legend gentle – Liddell (Sven Rydell) inherited record. The latter in 1923-32 years for the Swedish made 43 appearances and scored 49 goals. Although Liddell did not participate in the world cup, but he was in the 1924 Olympic Games cheap fifa 15 coins to help Sweden won the bronze medal.

Pharmaceutical captain operation success, return not yet determine.Faith made an ankle operation, according to the report the operation was a success, but the specific time has not revealed Rolfes comeback. Rolfes injured his ankle in the last weekend against Berlin Herta in the race, Thursday has been operation treatment, at present the operation completed successfully. But the specific time to come back Rolfes was not reported before, said Rolfes will be back in action in the second half to bundesliga. Leverkusen this season under new manager Roy Schmidt has strong momentum, the events of the five game winning streak.

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