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degrees for more cheap fifa 18 coins

The six “gold limited resources” doubled. Both cheap fifa 18 coins on the “limited resources”, and “no limits”. Inner Mongolia light a long time, wind energy; annual temperatures cheap fifa 18 coins 10 degrees for more than 200 days, to cool the heat. The development of solar energy, wind energy, richly endowed by nature big data industry advantage. Only a solar cheap fifa 18 coins in 2016, above scale industrial power 5 billion 498 million kwh, an increase of 42.0%. the Yellow River turn, formed the vast Hetao Plain in Bayannaoer city. Wuyuan County, cheap fifa 18 coins town village is located in the Hetao PV. Standing in the village of the commanding heights overlooking the white tile roof, covered with uniform, mut coins the photovoltaic cheap fifa 18 coins. The village Party Secretary Li Chou said, on the mountain road energy group under the support of the village built 457 sets of residential photovoltaic, each 88 to 112 cheap fifa 18 coins meters, with 350 square meters of the courtyard. Each income generation panels, the return gofifacoins 50% farmers, plus subsidies per household per year can earn 30 cheap fifa 18 coins yuan. Panels, stereo planting vegetables, flowers, sheep and chickens. “We built 24 ground type of power plant, this year has been generating 239 million 480 thousand kwh.” cheap fifa 18 coins energy group responsible person said.

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