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but the data show that fifa coins

but the data show that from 2012 to fifa coins, Internet TV still maintained 47.69%. 18.43%, 24.44%, 13.84% of the high growth rate. Especially in 2016 the domestic TV retail volume fifa coins 50 million units under the condition of large screen Internet TV accounted for more than 20%., in fact, from Internet TV into the second half field “since, after the Internet camp fifa coins quite distinct from each other and traditional TV manufacturers camp boundary fuzzy, Internet companies seek supply chain support, traditional madden 18 coins manufacturers looking fifa coins Internet content, operators and other elements. Traditional TV manufacturers share the Internet giant has become the trend of marriage The advent of Internet TV. Open the fifa coins users market. “Mobile Internet dividends consume less, home Internet is a chance to cash when the future can create madden mobile coins for sale business opportunities.” the king said. fifa coins to Guo Tong, the main business model is the realization of Thunderbird advertising and affiliate, in addition there are data services, value-added services, overseas business. The fifa coins advertising harvest is mainly of three parts:

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