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Blue posts reiterate: energy balance task line will not be simplified

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Players ask:
Have to say that the energy balance of the task line reward artifact appearance is very good. But so “Legion again” after the end of this piece of information will be out of print? If out of print, then the official will not simplify the task process?

“World of Warcraft” community experience Aerythlea:
For the present stage, we have no plans to revise the artifacts that are rewarded by the energy balance task line for account sharing.
As the official said in the latest issue of the QA Q & A, the player can still unlock the appearance of the artifact in the next piece of information and visualize it. Of course, there will still be out of print content, that is, 15th Epic Keys underground city, as well as the magic tower challenge the appearance of the award.
In other words, the player can still in the “Legion Pro” this piece of information after the end of the energy balance task line, after the completion of the artifact can be unlocked and turned illusion.
Of course, recently we have received a lot of players on the task line a lot of unreasonable feedback, I have also conveyed to the game development team. (Click bankofwow to buy?wow?gold, all orders will delivery in 5- 30 mins)

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