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Blue card – Jermaine O’Neill (small O’Neill)

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  Yesterday only out of the small Austrian, but also this year before adding 2k, the attack is stronger than the AD, the cast three points than AD, but the shooting bag is the kind of partial slow, there is no vacant cast, inside attack comprehensive, after Yang, can be hook, dunk is also violent, often 2 plus 1, slightly slower than ad, but as a big enough before the defense on the strong enough, defensive tendencies are not high, grab board feel is not very positive, like Attack type friends can buy

Blue card – Chris Weber
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  Honestly I do not imagine the use of taller than the above two slightly shorter, no ball fast, with outside the shooting bag, very smooth, this is the characteristics of Weber. But why the ball speed only to 52, that you want to use the ball 70, free throws only 53, three and 67 and ad almost, inside the attack is still easy to use, defensive online, integrated feeling as AD, like to use Weber this all-powerful friend can wait and so on.

Green Card – Jabari Parker

  The next is a lot of people say that the best use of the green card of the former Jabalari Parker, which is an offensive artifact, as a power forward, he has a defender speed (80) and 73 ball speed, plus 72 ball, Can be the same as the defender as the ball attack, most of the opponents can rely on speed to get rid of the various means of attack, there are 84 of the transport and stop, back with hook and back, there are 82 third, Shooting feel more than eighty percent of the inside to strong, the disadvantage is short, poor defense, rebounds are generally suitable for running friends like to run.

Green Card – Michael Beasley

  This is more than Beasley and Jabali Parker similar, fast, strong ability to hold the ball, a little higher than the Parker, the speed slightly slower, there are 89 in the cast and 84 third, shooting bag supple, more biased in the box, Layup and dunk are more than 80, as well as stunt actor badge, rebounds stronger than Parker, the disadvantage is no defense.

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