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Barcelona crisis! The most stable one ring

The first round again against Athletic Bilbao, Barcelona defense was faced with the plight of people too. Gerard Pique, Mathieu suspended, Douglas was injured, alba and Adriano can play is still unknown, Sunday’s game, Barcelona only to broken line of defense against just in the Spanish Super Cup big score defeat their Athletic Bilbao.

“Daily sports newspaper” reported, the new season the first round, Barcelona will be discharged after the defense be reduced to fragments. Barcelona the opponent or Athletic Bilbao, but Enrique this not with PG, “Pi Ken ball” in the game against athletic because abuse the linesman was red carded, miss at least first La Liga matches, even was suspended for 4 to 12 games. In accordance with the provisions of the Spanish FA, players in the Spanish Super Cup eat red card, suspended for in the next game of the La Liga also apply.

In addition, Mathieu also can not play, because the French accumulated from the previous season up to reach the required number of yellow card was suspended for one game. The final round of the La Liga last season, Mathieu to eat a yellow card, he accumulated yellow card number to five, May 27, the Spanish Football Federation made Mathieu suspended a punishment decided, but because the season is over, so the bans to La Liga this season first round match execution.

It can expect and Douglas, Brazilians still injured, his leg biceps muscle discipline tear to 2 months on the sidelines, certainly can not play, and in La Liga and 4 days to begin, alba and Adriano also have wound in the body, whether the game is still unknown. Alba is in the August 5 Gramper trophy match muscle in his right leg, the doctor gives the diagnosis result is Alba to be sidelined for 10 to 15 days, the conservative may to 20 days. Alba may have the possibility to participate in the theory, but also look at the specific situation. Adriano is in the Spanish Super Cup in the second round game suffered a groin strain, he can road trips to San Mames stadium depends on the next few games training course training.

When Enrique came to Barcelona,fifa coins kaufen his coaching record was labeled two. A label says he has a poor relationship with Tohti, and a label says his team barely knows how to defend. In Rome, he conceded 54 goals a season, is also the case in celta. But last season’s Barcelona defensive performance is surprisingly good, the team was crowned the treble, the defender has been their powerful weapon, after 38 League defense lost a total of only 21 goals, MSN in the frontcourt rattling provides a strong guarantee. In the 38 round of the game, there are 23 rounds without losing a ball, the 32 games of the tournament to keep zero throw, so the data is no more than.

But this season starts in the season, the Barcelona’s defense has become fragile. After the season, a part of Barcelona defence is the worst team, scoring one after another. The first 4 pre-season warm-up match, Barcelona lost 8 goals, averaging two times against the opponents. European Super Cup against Sevilla, Barcelona despite the win lose 4 ball, Enrique coached Barcelona has been one of the first single game lost four goals, and the next Spanish Super Cup against Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona 2 games and lost five goals. This is obviously not the last season.

If PG, Mathieu, alba and Adriano are unavailable, then on Sunday to Athletic Bilbao, Enrique must discharge such a first line of Defense: right back Daniel Alves, two Zhongwei is baltra and Javier Mascherano, left back is Verma Lun. In the recent 2 games 5 goals to their goal of Athletic Bilbao, so the defense or make Barcelona fans to sweat.learn More.

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