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Automotive plastic (future trend) – the needs of the next generation

The main needs are desired in an automobile, has changed to the high performance, passenger comfort and safety and environmental protection from the econom, new energy source correspondence etc. It is said to have. Engine Parts Automotive industry that has received a direct hit of the impact of the global recession since last year, as you can either respond to how quickly and accurately to the tendency of these new needs win its survival, pouring energy into the development of their associated technology We de. These future of the major needs, more specifically, it is possible to turn to such as use of recycled material,lighter,Sustainable materials,shock-absorbing material, new energy, and among them, lightweight is the most It is also said to be meaningful, it has been the plastic is very very effective in achieving these goals.

Specific Item below, and some introduce an example of a plastic that is expected both the future associated with them. H-beam Connecting Rods In the following it will be assumed that the motor vehicle refers to passenger cars.

So-called This is the glazing, but the window glass has been used 30 ~ 50Kg single Atari automobile, which have been said to be a possible weight reduction of about even except for the front of the windshield when the plastic of 20Kg, automotive It is one of the future of the major theme of lightweight. Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. (hereafter MEP Inc. and abbreviation) in the development and optimization of molding technology of polycarbonate (PC) of a large multi-color molding machine was introduced for plastic glazing We are considering, and the like.

This is also, I would say that the most typical thing for the purpose of lightweight in plastic use of the automobile. There is no still mean steel has changed entirely on plastic, but have each automaker in Japan and overseas are in accordance with the respective design and strategy, it is practically the plastic in certain parts of the body. The many years used are becoming steel plentifully also decent advantage, will this there are very many problems in the plastic of. But each car manufacturer and a plastic manufacturer, are being solved these problems gradually by the efforts of the processing skilled in the art. Plastic to be used, to withstand the heat during coating, alloy often various engineering plastics (engineering plastics) or their alloy of is used, for this purpose the MEP, Inc. For example, modified polyphenylene ether (m-PPE) It offers under the trade name Remaroi, there are some practical examples. Further has increased also examples of large polypropylene (PP) is used as a weight reduction effect, Japan Polypropylene of Ltd. Novatec PP has been put to practical use to the back door panel. In particular, this is what was to lower the coefficient of linear expansion to about half of normal PP, I’m getting the reputation is characterized by the fact that the gap between the periphery of the steel member is reduced.

Note that to the plastic of the outer skin, not lighter only expected as corresponding to a major proposition unsatisfactory as compared with the conventional steel in terms of shock-absorbing materials,pedestrian safety also There is greater.

The number of parts that make up the car you Oyobi tens of thousands of points, but the consolidation is said to contribute greatly to the cost down and lightweight in the car. The one whose consolidation typical of is said to be the module of each site, the door including the instrument panel, front end, cockpit, cost and weight of the roof and so on various sites and equipment such is modular the achievement, it is further in the future expectations. Its role is very big plays of plastic in modular, also will have a variety of plastic is used by site, either in even the site and equipment is necessary to the base material to integrate the components of the, to the base material We mainly glass fiber reinforced PP is used. The Novatec PP of Japan Polypropylene Co., Ltd. it is to lead the industry best of breed has been prepared for this application. Especially rigidity necessary, the base material such as door modules and front-end module long-fiber glass reinforced PP is used, Funk Star of the company there is a well-known number of achievements.

As of the instrument panel, has gained a good reputation in the TPE is the market of Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd. in the case to cover in such a hard high rigidity skin a soft thermoplastic elastomer of the substrate (TPE). Since this is TPE of olefin, also in conjunction with the PP of the substrate is an olefin-based, it has been to be a very advantageous from the viewpoint of recycled material. The company has also RABALON of the styrene as a TPE, but as an automotive TPE There are a lot of actual use, and have been widely used as a soft material in the right place along with such as is available are we. The current state of the thermoplastic elastomer noted elsewhere in this solution site for these TPE, also for modular please refer to the Automotive Plastic (modular).

It should be noted that examples of the plastic of which was the main purpose lightweight There are many other but, PP enters the lightest category also in plastic, the lightweight in the car has been considered to be the most powerful material . Examples are as some of the above, but also cushions and such separate seat and headrest, bumper core, floor back, inside solid materials such as interior door, Billet Steel Crankshaft in and so on of the foam products, foam products of PP from a conventional foamed polyurethane Changes to the will is becoming made. PP but had been unlikely to make a polystyrene and polyurethane, etc. and is different from the foam product characteristics at the time of melting in comparison, Japan foaming PP of Polypropylene Co., Ltd. New former, the melt tension Ya by molecular design With that adjustment foam goods the extensional viscosity is more likely to make very, it is expected for such applications.

First lightweight and total cost reduction of as a tank, corrosion resistance improvement, impact resistance, in relation to their safety, in addition considered the degree of freedom and so very many of the advantages of the design is an equal, car The theme is that very hill emphasis in the industry. This is what has been a multi-layer blow molding of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and gasoline transmitted through the prevent ethylene / vinyl alcohol copolymer resin (EVOH), but in the former in Novatec HD is the market of polyethylene Japan Co., Ltd. and a good reputation and has a domestic more than 90% of market share, recently we are working also further strengthen its supply system. And also global expansion, such as technical assistance to the US INEOS company also has been actively. The latter has been well known Soarnol of Nippon Synthetic Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.. And in the adhesive layer to be bonded to each other have been used is adhesive polyolefin of Japan Polyethylene Co., Ltd., which also has started licensed production in the United States.

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